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Chrome extension

We are proud to announce our ZEEF Chrome extension is now live. This feature makes it easier than ever to add beneficial links from Google Chrome directly to your ZEEF page. 

The ZEEF Chrome extension aids easy content curation, allowing curators to add links just by right clicking on their chosen link and then adding it to their subject on to their block within their ZEEF page.

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Setup is simple:

  1. Download the  ZEEF Chrome extension from the Google Chrome web store.
  2. Once added to your browser just log into your ZEEF account (or sign up) to allow the extension to link with your ZEEF pages.

This extension is perfect for the social bookmarker who wants to quickly add beneficial links to their page whilst browsing the web.  Read more about the ZEEF Chrome extension and discover many other useful features our platform offers.





Introducing the new

This week, the team at ZEEF was focused on bringing, our company website, a fresh look and feel. Today we have launched our redesigned We are always working on making ZEEF even easier and pleasant to use. That is why we come today with a fresh new design for !

Better looking and better structure

Our company website and blog at was in need of a facelift. It already looked good but we are always looking for more improvements. Arjen, Marina and others worked hard to give it a nice design and, very important, better content. The new site provides better information on our products and our awesome team and curators. Our vision is now well symbolized by this picture of a blue sea. A clear and vast space where everything is possible: make intentional discoveries and find hidden treasures.

Start contributing todayImproved user experience

We assume that by being more user-friendly, will help us get closer to you and help you start curating. Like this blog post, we will be posting regular updates on ZEEF developments. We will share with you things that matter to us, to you and always more interviews of our curators.


Do you have any feedback about the new We would love to hear from you! Just send us a message via our contact page.