Header images and improved API

We’ve released a new version of ZEEF again! Read on to discover more about header images, the improved Chrome extension, our updated API and other ZEEF improvements.

Header images

You might have seen them: nice header images above pages like We received a lot of requests to add these so we’ve now made it possible for our early access users. Would you like to add a header image to your own page and try other upcoming features? Apply for our early access program!

Updated API for developers

APIQuite some new calls were added to the API: create a new page, manage the scratchpad and filtering on region or page type. We made it possible to easily try out the API using Swagger. And there’s a client library available for Java developers now.

New Chrome extension coming soon

Collecting links with ZEEF has never been easier. When you have our Chrome extension installed you can add links to your Scratchpad with only 2 clicks. When you’re back on your ZEEF page you can drag and drop your links from the Curate Panel into a block of your choice.

Other changes

  • New link actions:
    • Thank a link
    • Contact the curator about a link
    • Flag a link as inappropriate
  • Long pages will load much faster
  • Search on Android works again
  • Daisycon was added as affiliate network
  • Design of Widgets can now be customized on request
  • Image quality has been improved
chrome extension 5

Chrome extension

We are proud to announce our ZEEF Chrome extension is now live. This feature makes it easier than ever to add beneficial links from Google Chrome directly to your ZEEF page. 

The ZEEF Chrome extension aids easy content curation, allowing curators to add links just by right clicking on their chosen link and then adding it to their subject on to their block within their ZEEF page.

chrome extension official












Setup is simple:

  1. Download the  ZEEF Chrome extension from the Google Chrome web store.
  2. Once added to your browser just log into your ZEEF account (or sign up) to allow the extension to link with your ZEEF pages.

This extension is perfect for the social bookmarker who wants to quickly add beneficial links to their page whilst browsing the web.  Read more about the ZEEF Chrome extension and discover many other useful features our platform offers.