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Page Quality Score

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This page lists the metrics of our “human” Page Quality Score which we will be testing during the 2015 Golden ZEEF Award contest that runs from March-May 2015. If you are not already participating, check out the contest page to see how you can be rewarded for sharing your knowledge!

Quality Score

With your input, we’d like to create a “human” page quality score model based on engagement indicators, but most importantly, humans. We would like to ask for your help in creating the most promising page quality score so you have best information on ZEEF at your fingertips. During the fun, interactive contest 2015 Golden ZEEF Award (March-May), we want to determine the best page quality indicators. Contest participants will be able to give their input as to which metrics are the most important ones when determining a quality page. If you’re not yet participating, check out our Golden ZEEF Award page to see how you can contribute to a more human web!

In our search for an appropriate page quality model we have looked into how others do this. Google outlines certain criteria when defining a quality page. Good background information can be found in this blogpost and this page outlining Google’s complete search quality rating guidelines. A comprehensive summary can be found on TheSEMpost. With the before-mentioned quality guidelines in mind, and with excellent input from current ZEEF users, we’re currently looking into the following mix of human engagement indicators for our “human” page quality score:

Page Freshness

  1. Page age – longevity
  2. Most recent update
  3. Total number of updates

Popularity Stats

  1. Number of inbound links from other domains
  2. Number of social shares
  3. Clicks
  4. Page views
  5. Time on page
  6. Bounce rate
  7. Returning users
  8. Google search engine results page (SERP) rating


  1. Connected social accounts
  2. Author Klout score
  3. Connected blogs
  4. Expertise

Structure – Size

  1. Number of items and blocks
  2. Ratio of items per block
  3. Length of titles


  1. Personalized titles
  2. Filled out descriptions for titles
  3. Personalized descriptions for items


There is a lot of information about ranking and all their shortcomings. Below you find a list with interesting articles about algorithms used for ranking.

A comprehensive overview of the advantages and disadvantages of Google’s PageRank system can be found in this list collection about SEO:

So join us and help us create a “human” page quality score.

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