Personal page

Personal page

At ZEEF you are able to brand yourself by creating a Personal Page.

Connect/add all your professional social profiles, use Dropbox to upload certificates/projects/researches and/or add your personal pitch by easily entering the YouTube link in the link block. Get more job interviews by converting your experiences to personal links. Deliver the link of your Personal Page to potential companies and stand out from the crowd!

Example: has created a complete overview about herself with all important relations and links.


  • Communicate your expertise, networks, knowledge etc.
  • Show and create authority & reputation
  • Boost your Google search authorships results
  • Reference your Social Media Profiles in one place including LinkedIn

Create a personal page

Example personal pages


Megane Roger

Mégane Roger – 20 years

My ZEEF personal page is a way for me to express myself, I can post links of what I like to do, my hobbies, my interests, my experience, where I worked… It is my life in a nutshell shared online. Moreover, living abroad this year, my ZEEF page was used as my online creative resume that I could share and send to the future potential employers that interviewed me from different part of the world. So don’t hesitate and join the ZEEF community.