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Everything you need to know in one overview. See how Tom Loonman has created a complete overview about unreal engine 4 resources. More features.

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Allow the community to suggest links and let them receive the recognition. Contribute and build together a great place of quality resources. More features.

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Everyday you come across interesting links you want to share. ZEEF makes it very easy to bookmark these links and list them on your ZEEF page. We have a Chrome extension that allows you to directly import your links to your ZEEF page. More features.

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Have you ever googled your name? It is important that people find you on the topic you are knowledgeable about. The lists you create on ZEEF will appear when people search for you. When you search for ‘Arnoud Duiker’ his SEO ZEEF page appears. More features.


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ZEEF is a very powerful way to share information. Everybody wins!


It’s a bookmarking concept like, only better

I will definitely keep this up, it’s fun to do and there are still a lot of things I can add.

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