Getting started

How to create a ZEEF page with lists.
Proceed with the following steps:

Step 1 – Choose your topic

Fill in the topic of your ZEEF page on which you would like to create a lists.

Choose your topic

Step 2 – Create account

Social media network:
Social media signup

Email signup

Step 3 – Make your first list

  1. Add a title – What is your list about?
  2. Add links – You can edit the title afterwards (shorter is better!)
  3. Add a description to clarify your listing

Create list

Step 4 – Add more content

  1. Create more list about your topic
  2. Add different elements to your page
    • Feed block
    • Image block
    • Text block

Add more content

Step 5 – Add personal details

  1. Summary about yourself
  2. Add your social media
  3. Add a profile photo via social media or upload your profile picture

Add personal details

Step 6 – Request publish

If you think your list is ready to be published, please click on ‘Request publish’. But before you do that make sure your page complies with our guidelines:

  • ZEEF page contains at least one list
  • List contains at least 5 links.
  • List contains high quality (ranked) links
  • Choose the page’s language (click on page properties)
  • Descriptions (profile & topic) and social media are filled in
  • Link titles are short and clear

Request publish

Step 7 – Your page is reviewed

After you have clicked on ‘Publish request’ our curator manager will review your list.

  • Your list is accepted (you will receive an email)
  • Your list needs work (you will receive an email with feedback)

Reviews of a publish request may take up to 24 hours.

Step 8 – Share your ZEEF page

  • Email your friends about your ZEEF page
  • Share your page via all your social media accounts
  • Start suggesting your page to other ZEEF pages
  • Copy your link block widget on a blog
  • Suggest your page to influential people on Twitter
  • Suggest your page on relevant directories