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Find lists

On ZEEF you find handpicked and ranked lists.

How does it work?

People create lists of links about their favourite topic. They select and rank the best webites for you and help you find quality information.

1. Search for list


2. Select the person


3. Find list


Collective overview

People with knowledge about a topic created an overview of list of links about that topic.

Multiple people

Choose the person you relate to. On ZEEF you will find multiple people per topic. This means that you can receive different views about the same topic. Go ahead and try it and see which person you can relate with the most by viewing your common interest or friends.

Follow people

Stay up to date about a topic by following the people on ZEEF.
Every week you will receive an email with a nice overview of new information that has been added to the page. Therefore you will always be up to date about the latest development of that topic.

Suggest links

Suggest links ‘+’ to contribute to a page curation. Creating an overview about a topic can be done with the help of others. Just click on the suggest button to add a link to the page. If your link is accepted by the curator your name and profile picture will be displayed placed behind the link. Cool he!


Say thank you to the people on ZEEF to show them that you have found the information you are looking for. You can simply thank a person by clicking on ‘thanks’ and share with Twitter that you have found quality information!



Rank the list of links based based on the persons opinion, alphabetically or popularity. Creating an overview about a topic can be done with the help of others.

What people say

So far I love ZEEF! The site works nicely, it is very well designed and it has great content

This can become bigger than Google

Arnoud Duiker

My addiction to information needs (crowdsourced) filtering. ZEEF could be just the thing we all been waiting for.

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