Why is my link marked as broken?

Why is my link marked as broken?

ZEEF checks if all the links in the system are still valid links, to help our curators keep their page as up-to-date as possible. We’ve made many improvements to our checks, but unfortunately in some cases it may not be possible to properly detect if a link is still reachable or not. In these cases a link may be marked as broken while it still seems to work when visited in a browser.

The broken links we found are marked in red on your page when you are logged in, your visitors won’t see this. If we marked them, but the link does work, you can mark these links as “not broken” using the checkbox:

Mark as not broken

We will use this information to improve the link verification, your collaboration is appreciated a lot!

Some examples of reasons for marking a link as broken:

  • Webpage (temporarily) not reachable from the public internet
  • Webpage is not found
  • Webpage redirects to an invalid location

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