Why join ZEEF?

Why join ZEEF?

Build thought leadership
Once you have published a page about a certain topic, people will start seeing you as an online authority on that topic. When people are searching for you, they will find your ZEEF page and know what areas of expertise you have. Conversely, if people search for a topic, they’ll find your name. Instant reputation building and career support. (could be worded better)

Help people
It’s human nature to want to help others. At least, it’s the nature of humans we like best. People contribute to Wikipedia for just that reason. Helping people find better content is a reward in itself.

High ranking in Google
Have you every googled your name? When joining ZEEF you will be found in Google on the topic you are knowledgeable about. This will help you drive traffic to your profile.

Bookmark your links
With ZEEF you can easily bookmark your favourite links about the topics you like. Everyday when you browse the internet you find interesting links you want to share with people. With ZEEF you can easily bookmark these links and make them available for people.

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