Who qualifies as a ZEEF curator?

Anyone who is passionate and knowledgeable about a subject can start a ZEEF page, be it about your hobby or your field of work.

Is ZEEF free to use?

ZEEF is free to use. It’s supported by commission based deals for product bought through one of our experts.

How do you protect the integrity of the information on ZEEF pages?

Competition between experts will safeguard the quality and integrity of information on ZEEF. Consumers aren’t stupid and will spot it if an expert has decided to ‘sell out’. We believe they will then favor a different expert, who is loyal to quality information rather than pure commerce. Also, an expert’s name and reputation are attached to their ZEEF page.

How do I know I can trust an expert on ZEEF?

You can view user ratings of experts, as well as the expert’s social media profile(s). You can see how you are connected to them through social networks.

What’s the difference between green and blue links?

A green link signifies a link that you have already visited.  Blue is the default color of a link.

Why does ZEEF allow competition between Experts?

We believe in competition and that it increase the quality of ZEEF as an information platform. It stimulates people to deliver quality contributions, competition fosters diversity and excellence.

Can I create an anonymous page on ZEEF?

No, it is not allowed to create an anonymous page. When creating a ZEEF page you must provide a profile picture and a social account so we can verify you are a real human being.

Can I advertise on

Sure you can. As an advertiser you will have three options to promote your link:

  1. Suggest your link(s) on the ZEEF page you wish to be listed on. The owner of the ZEEF page will determine whether he/she will approve you or not. Give some time for the page owner to evaluate and approve your link(s).
  2. Suggest your affiliate link(s) on a ZEEF page. The opportunity to earn a commission will motivate the page owner to approve and promote it. Don’t have an affiliate link? Start your own affiliate program at one of the affiliate networks. More information can be find here.
  3. Motivate page owners to promote your links via subscribing to our promoted link system. We provide opportunity to pay for promoted links based on CPC, monthly subscription etc. For inquiries about our promoted link system, please contact us here.

How can I Flag or remove a Link?

If you notice that a link is not working on a ZEEF page you can flag a link by sending the expert a message via ZEEF. In the future we will add the ability to mark a link with a red flag.

Where can I request a no follow?

We do not support ‘no follow’ on ZEEF. But if you would like to have your link be removed you can contact the expert maintaining the ZEEF page. You can contact him via sending him an email through the ZEEF platform. However, the listing of your website on a ZEEF page will only contribute to a higher ranking in Google:

1) Content related – high relevancy
The ZEEF page on which the link is listed is related to the content of your website.

2) Selected by an expert
The links on the ZEEF page are selected by an expert.

3) SEO optimized
All the ZEEF pages are SEO optimized through using the right keywords, url and subject descriptions.

What title should I use for my page?

We advice you to select a specific name for your page. Try to avoid titles with the words such as ‘best’, ‘free’ or ‘top’ in the title.  The shorter your title, the better it is. You can always request an alias if you think your title is not fully covering your subject.


How can I suggest a link?

You can suggest links to each link block by clicking on the “+ Suggest” button, or you can suggest a completely new link block by clicking the “+ Suggest link block” button on the top right of the page.

In the dialog you can suggest a new link block with links which you think are useful to be included in the page. The expert will receive a notification and be provided the option to accept or reject it.

  • If it’s accepted it will appear in the page
  • If it’s rejected you will receive a notification with the reject reason

How can I get my photo displayed next to search results?

Read this excellent blog post about why and how to do this. In short: to do this you have to do two things:

  1. Add your Google Plus profile to your social profile on your ZEEF page.
  2. Add your page to the Contributed To section on your Google Plus profile
  • Edit the Contributor To section.
  • In the dialog that appears, click Add custom link, and then enter the URL of your page. (e.g. “”).
  • If you want, click the drop-down list to specify who can see the link.
  • Click Save.

You can now check if it works in the Structured Data Testing Tool by filling in the URL of your page.

Note: make sure both Google Plus profiles are the same! You can check this via the ID/number in the URL of your page.

How do I display a picture in a block?

You can display a picture in a block via following these steps:

  1. Create a text block
  2. Type in the text block: ![name of the picture](url of the picture) . For example: ![expedia](
  3. Click on save
  4. Congratulations, your picture is displayed in the text block

How to set my favicon?

When you add a link ZEEF will automatically retrieve the favicon from the website. When there is no favicon being displayed this means that the website does not have a favicon. If you are a website owner and would like to have a favicon, you will need to add the follow code to the <head> section of your HTML:

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”PATH_TO_FAVICON” />

Where PATH_TO_FAVICON is the path to the location of your favicon file. Or just put your favicon.ico in the root of your website.


Can you earn money with ZEEF?

Yes you can! ZEEF uses a commission payout model based on affiliate marketing. If you link to a product on for example and a visitor buys that item, the commission will be shared with you.

Can I write content on my ZEEF page? Or just categorized links? Where does the content appear?

Yes you can write content but we recommend to minimise this. You can write both content and categorized links on your ZEEF page. You can determine yourself where you’d like blocks of text or links to be displayed through easy dragging-and-dropping. We recommend to focus on links, and keep text blocks to a minimum.

Which Affiliate Networks / Aggregators are on ZEEF so far? and Viglink. More affiliate networks will follow soon. Keep track of our blog to find out when a new affiliate network has joined.

Can I use my own affiliate links?

Yes, you are allowed to use your own affiliate links. When you are using your own affiliate links you will receive and keep 100% of the commission. More information about advertising on ZEEF can be found here.


When can I publish my page?

When you think your page is good enough you can request our approval for publishing. Please pay attention to having met the following criteria:

  • Add a minimum of 30 links,
  • Add at least multiple link blocks of high quality content and links,
  • Page is in English or Dutch,
  • Provide profile picture and description,
  • Subject description,

Don’t be afraid to publish your page. Mistakes are natural. Our moderator is happy to provide you with feedback.

Yes, we do prevent copycats by checking for the uniqueness of the ZEEF pages, thus preventing this kind of copycat behavior.