The Art of Content Curation

Art of Content Curation, Sprout Challenge & Workshop

This week was a fantastic one for ZEEF. On Wednesday, ZEEF hosted their first annual event ‘The Art of Content Curation’, and on Thursday, ZEEF’s pitch landed in the finals of Sprout’s Startup of the Year competition. Next week, we’ll be training a whole new group of curators to keep the momentum going.

Art of Content Curation 2015

We are very proud of the fully booked guest list, the great speakers and the creative dinner at our first annual event. During the evening, we explored content curation from all different sides – the legal aspects, the business value it provides, and how we can use it to enhance learning in our businesses. In addition to the main presentations, companies already using content curation to drive their businesses pitched their concepts. We hope that our event is just the beginning of a much longer discussion.

It may be surprising to hear that there wasn’t a presentation about ZEEF at the event. You may already know that Facebook is hosting a conference on social media, but is not highlighting themselves during it. ZEEF is working towards a similar goal. We want to be a resource and knowledge center for the broader discussion about the importance of content curation, without needing to highlight our own services in the process.

Presentations can be found on the  company page of ZEEF. Pictures of the event are on Facebook. On Monday Susanne Bender will provide a full report about the events including all the pictures. And of course, our guests were tweeting like mad both during and after the event. Check out #ZEEFcom and #AoCC2015 for the tweets. On you can see who were on your table in case you’d like to connect.

We hope to see you all hope you will all join next year at The Art of Content Curation 2016!

Sprout Challenge

To everybody who supported and voted us through to the final stage of Sprout ´Startup of the Year´ competition, we´d like to say a big thanks on behalf of the entire ZEEF team. We’re proud to have made it as far as we did in the contest.

Your votes made us one of the four finalists. The final round of the contest consisted of us pitching to a panel of investors, influentials and Sprout writers on why we believed we should be voted as Startup of the Year. Although we didn’t win, we were voted as runners up in the competition, along with Fastr and Bux Netherlands. Congratulations to Undagrid on winning Sprout´s title of Startup of the Year. To read more about the event, just click here (Article in Dutch).

ZEEF Workshop: creating a quality page

On Wednesday, 21 January, from 17:00 – 19:00, ZEEF will host a workshop about creating and curating a page on ZEEF. Register now!

This workshop will dive into the practice of content curation and demonstrate how you can start curating on ZEEF. Curators of ZEEF will be present and will share their insights to provide you with tips and tricks to help you join the growing trend of content curation. We will be serving beer and pizza! Please join us!

startup van het jaar 2 bij 1

ZEEF reaches ‘Startup of the Year’ finals

Okay… sorry for all the spamming in the last 72 hours but we are very proud to announce that we are a finalist in ‘Sprout Startup of the Year‘.

It was a very close call with the public voting. Until the very last minute everybody was trying to get more votes for ZEEF. It made New Years Eve very different from all the other years (at least for me) because every minute our position changed from No 1 to No 2 and then to No 4 etc. With a glass of champagne in my right hand and my iphone in my left hand, I was checking whether we made it to the first place. I noticed that after midnight the position of ZEEF was still changing and we actually managed to be first in the race 🙂 Below (figure 1) you see a screenshot taken from my phone at 00.03 that ZEEF was number one in the public voting with 20.06%.

Iphone screenshot of ZEEF being no 1

Figure 1 – Screenshot at 00.03 of Sprout Voting results

However, as always the next morning the reality was a bit different… Sprout released the ‘official’ numbers and we managed to become second along with Undagrid with 778 votes. Below (figure 2) you find the exact numbers of all the other startups.

Sprout official results


Figure 2 – Sprout Official Voting Results

But no worries it is still not over.. Because now we are preparing for our final round for ‘Startup of the Year’ which will be held on Wednesday 15th of January in the beautiful and inspiring environment B.Amsterdam. At this location all finalist will give their final pitch to convince the jury of earning the title ‘Startup of the Year’.


We are looking forward to the finals and we wish @Fastr, @UndaGrid and @Bux all the luck in the world. Because you gonna need it 😉



How are top 10 lists created?

I believe the best information can be found through experts.

Why? Because today the world wide web has evolved into a jungle for consumers, making it increasingly difficult and time consuming to find the best and most reliable available products and services online. When searching for products or services out of your daily comfort zone (e.g. eye laser surgery), consumers have to rely on the algorithm of search engines. Advice or reference from expert editors, bloggers and peers would be highly appreciated in the decision making process. Next to this, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) has become a big game with high investments to obtain a first page position in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Today, not the quality of content and services, but SEO optimization techniques make the difference in ranking.

That is why we believe that expert ratings are beter than algorithme ratings. We tested our assumption with the key word ‘buy laptop’ and another example ‘repair dishwasher’. We only changed the order of the links not the content and we found out that 70% of the consumer preferred the expert rating above Google.

Algorithme rating versus Expert Rating

Last wednesday I was at Mini Seedcamp Amsterdam where the top 10 startups were pitching. Since I am a big fan of the ‘lean methodology’  I thought: “let’s test my assumption that these 10 startups can be best rated via an expert”. Below you will find the result of this expert rating.

My top 10 startups - Mini Seedcamp Amsterdam

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Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

New Venture & TNW Startup Rally

Last Friday the 20 finalists of New Venture were invited to pitch their idea at AEGON HQ. 

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 6.48.12 PMZEEF is a great name but we had to wait until the very last to pitch our idea since the pitches were ranked alphabetically… After the pitches you really felt that all the teams were relieved that it was over. It was now time for drinks and to wait for the results. During the drinks all the teams started to share their experiences and making wild guesses which teams would end up in the top 10. I must say I really had no idea but we were pretty happy with our pitch and the jury gave us  good feedback on our concept. Continue Reading →


ZEEF off to the next round in The Next Web Startup Rally


The Next Web Logo

The Next Web Startup Rally

On 25th & 26th of April The Next Web Startup Rally will give 20 finalists the chance to launch or announce new products or services in front of a global audience. If selected we will have the possibility to present ZEEF on the main stage in front of a live audience of 2,000 people and an online audience of more than 20,000.

We are very excited to announce that ZEEF is off to the next round in the Startup Rally of The Next Web. In order to get pass through the next round we will need to upload our video pitch before 9th of March. In order to upload our best pitch, we will be posting our pitches on our blog and will allow you to vote which pitch is the best. The one that has the most votes will be send in for submission.


New Venture ronde 2 – Nominations

logo (1)

ZEEF enters Top 20 Pitches of New Venture

We were pleased to hear that ZEEF has made it to the top 20 pitches of New Venture. Last friday our founder Klaas Joosten attended the pitching days to practice his pitch. On March 15th the nomination will take place at AGEONplein 50  in The Hague. During this event the top 20 teams will pitch their idea in front of the audience and the best 10 pitches will be rewarded with a check of €1.000!  We are very excited to join this great event and we are looking forward to a great day!


Startupbootcamp Amsterdam


Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam 2013

The selection procedures for Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam 2013 were a great experience for ZEEF to gain valuable feedback on our business case. The open pitch day, the application procedure and the meetings with the founders and alumni of SBC Amsterdam were very fruitful.

One of our key points was whether Startupbootcamp Amsterdam could help us with setting foot in the USA. It would be great if SBC A’dam could ‘zeef’ potential investors for us and set up first meetings. Next, we wanted to feel the atmosphere of the accelerator programs. SBC A’dam gave us a great feeling about the program, the people and of course the teams. After some great discussions we came to the conclusion that it is better for ZEEF to apply for an USA accelerator program.

Since we have no idea what’s out there. We are currently ‘zeefing’ the accelerator programs in the USA with all the information we can find on the web. An overview can be viewed on my ZEEF Startup page. If I have forgot any great programs please let me know because ‘zeefing’ the internet goes a lot faster with the help of you guys!

Keep on Zeefing!