ZEEF goes international!

We’ve just released a brand new version of ZEEF. It’s now faster than ever, you can create pages in other languages and many other improvements! Please read on to find out about these new features and how they will enhance your ZEEF experience.

International pages

Some supported regions

Change language

Up to now we officially only supported pages in English. Starting today Dutch is fully supported as well, including a Dutch homepage. You can already change the language of your page to other languages like Spanish and Chinese, when we have enough pages these languages will get an official homepage too.

Speed improvements

PerformanceZEEF was not as fast as we would have liked. For this version we focused on improving the front end performance and we’ve made a huge leap in this area! ZEEF should be loading much faster and editing your page will be much more fluent too. Although we already measured an improvement of 2x to 5x we still have some improvements in mind, which we will do over the next versions.

Suggest linkIt’s now even easier to suggest links to a page. It’s no longer needed to log in first and we made it clearer what you get from suggesting the link.
You can also see all your link suggestions in the dashboard.

Follow a ZEEF page

Follow a pageDo you like a certain ZEEF page and want to know about any changes that are being made on your favorite pages? You can now follow a page and receive a weekly digest email with new blocks and links on the page. Just click the star to start following a page.


FeedbackDo you have any feedback about ZEEF? We would love to hear from you! Just click the feedback icon and let us know what you like and what you would like to change.

Smaller changes

  • You can hide a block from the public
  • The blog URL in the social profile is now a generic URL and will display your favicon
  • Monetized links are directly visible when you add them.
  • You can deactivate your account
  • We will check all links for you to see if they are still working. When they don’t work anymore we will notify you
  • Google+ profile images are working again
  • You can use Buffer for sharing pages
  • Several small UI improvements and bugfixes

Big update: ZEEF 2014.1

We have a lot of changes for you in the new version of ZEEF! Among them are a completely new design, the ability to embed link blocks and much more. Please read on to learn all about this release.

New design

We have received a lot of feedback about our design, some people don’t like it, some people love it. With this release we have changed our design and we hope you will like it!

We completely redesigned our homepage where we now highlight some pages and features. In our new design we let you focus more on the content by removing unnecessary clutter. We believe the design is much more elegant than before!

Embedding blocks as widget

ZEEF Embedded Link BlocksIt’s now possible to embed any block on ZEEF on your own site. Use a block next to your blog to provide your users with relevant links. You can use blocks as advertisements, early tests show a 1,500% improvement over AdSense. Read our Getting Started: Widgets for more information.

Public statistics

Public statisticsAre you also wondering about the visitors on your page? Everyone can now see the basic statistics for every page.

Default order block

Default block orderingFor some blocks it’s not relevant to provide an expert ranking, for example an about block. For these blocks you can now use an alphabetic ordering. You can also let your visitors decide and select the ordering by popularity.

Always find what you need

Even if we don’t have a page to answer your search query, you can still find the results on ZEEF now. When there are no results we will display the top 10 results from Google.

24sessions integration

24sessions integrationAs we’re adding more interaction to ZEEF, we’ve partnered with 24sessions to provide the ability for experts to consult visitors through videochat, either free or paid. Fill in your 24sessions username in your social profile to get started.

Edit your default profile

When you create a new page wouldn’t it be nice if your profile picture and social profiles are already filled in? If you filled in your default profile this will always automatically be there when you create a new page.

Live support

Live supportStuck while creating a page? You can now contact one of us directly by using the chat function.

Condensed mode

Condensed viewOn longer pages it can be hard to manage all your blocks. You can use our new condensed view to get a clear overview and make drag’n’drop of blocks easier.


In the future we will provide affiliate links automatically and share the commission with experts. For now we want to ask you to tell us the payment method you prefer at your profile.

Smaller changes

  • Our emails are now prettier
  • The total number of clicks in a block is displayed
  • Link block suggestions are included in the badge
  • Competing experts are visible while editing your page

  • You can now export your page via your pages overview
  • The method you used to log in is visible on your profile
  • Comments can be edited while not yet approved
  • iTunes commission tracking works in Europe too
  • Lots of small bug fixes and improvements

Post comments on your favorite subjects!

With this release we announce a wide variety of new features. We make a first step in automating ZEEF it and give visitors more opportunities to contact experts. Please read on for the full list of improvements.

Import multiple linksDo you already have a website or blog? You can now import multiple links published on your website to your ZEEF page at once. Use this feature to quickly add links to your page. It’s easy to use: click the “import multiple links” button, fill in a URL and click the button. Now you’ll get an overview of all links on the page. You just have to check the links you want and they will be imported in a new block.

Monetized linksYou can earn commissions with ZEEF, but this was not visible to our users. When a link can be monetized we now add a dollar sign behind the link when you are logged in. This icon will show up after the first time the link is clicked.

Link descriptionSometimes you want to give more information about a link than what fits in the title. Now you can use the description for this. The description is visible to the visitor as a tooltip. Later on it will get a more prominent place. When someone suggests a link he can also provide a description to tell the expert why he wants to suggest the link.

Comments and send email to experts

CommentsEver wanted to ask something to one of our experts? Or wanted to give them some feedback on their page? Use our mail form to contact the expert privately or use the new commenting system.


Help us organizing ZEEF by adding tags to your pages. We’ll also add the tags as keywords to your page to make it easier to find.

Personal pages

Give more information about yourself as an expert to other users by creating a personal page. You can use this page to tell visitors about all your ZEEF pages, your personal favorites and give them more ways to verify your expertise.

Upload Profile Picture

Upload profile pictureA new and easy way to change your profile picture: it’s now possible to just upload your photo.

Smaller changes

We made a lot of small changes too, some of which are:

  • Manage pages in the dashboard is more powerful
  • Sites can see the ZEEF page as referral
  • Edit block titleEditing block titles gives advice on title length
  • We adjusted the highlighting color in search
  • ‘Unpublished’ pages are now called ‘new’.
  • Fixed some issues with the sharing count
  • Fixed Google Plus profile pictures when using +Name
  • Fixed Twitter login

Dashboard improved: ZEEF 2013.9

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! To celebrate we have released a new version of ZEEF today with an improved look for the dashboard, the ability to find similar links and more. Please read on for the full list of improvements.

Dashboard UI

While the ZEEF UI has been improving rapidly, the dashboard hasn’t seen the same rate of improvement up until now. In the new version, we’ve drastically improved the look of the dashboard. We’ve also added some additional statistics to the main page of the dashboard, so you have a better overview of how your pages are performing.

Find Similar linksTo aid you in quickly adding relevant links to a block, we’ve added a new feature that allows you to search for links that are similar to an existing link. If you click on “Find similar” in a link’s menu, you are shown a number of similar links that you can directly add to the block.

More details about social shares

Social Sharing

Previously, it was only possible to see the total number of shares of a page over all social networks combined. Not only did this not give you an overview of where your page was being shared, the numbers always seemed a bit on the low side. We now retrieve the sharing statistics from each network directly and show these separately. This should give a better overview of where your page is being shared and the accuracy of the numbers has improved as well.

Smaller changes

Drop Down menuWe made a lot of small changes as well. Some of these are:

  • You can add your phone number to your profile
  • Links are no longer underlined
  • Drop down menus have been restyled
  • The edit link dialog has been improved
  • Added an option to test a link to the edit link dialog
  • Error pages now also include the feedback button
  • Various bugs have been fixed

Edit link dialog


New search and more: ZEEF 2013.8

We’re proud to present a new version of ZEEF, which includes a redesigned and greatly improved search! Please read on for the full list of improvements.

You can use advanced search operators like AND/OR. We even have a few other advanced operators like the expert: operator which can be used to search for all pages by a certain expert (for example, expert:”klaas joosten” can be used to find all pages by Klaas Joosten).

Move links between blocksWhile organizing your page, you may sometimes want to move a link to a different block. To make this as easy as possible, you can now drag and drop links from one block to another.

Easier sharing

Share linkWe made it easier to share links or blocks by adding social sharing buttons to the sharing dialog.

Smaller changes

We made a lot of small changes too, some of which are:

  • Long text blocks are only partially displayed, visitors can choose to read the full text (why?)
  • All emails include an HTML version with useful links
  • Fixed a bug preventing the use of some social URLs
  • Fixed a bug which in rare cases could cause blocks to disappear
  • Fixed a bug causing some links to have no title in statistics
  • Deleting an unpublished page is fixed
  • ZEEF is now even faster
  • Many other bugs fixes and UI improvements

New release: ZEEF 2013.7

We’ve just added a few cool new features to ZEEF which make your life as an expert much easier.

Paste link, or searchAdding links has never been easier. In previous versions of ZEEF you had to choose between entering a URL or searching via Google. Now both methods are integrated: just paste a link or enter a keyword. ZEEF will automatically decide if it can directly add the link or do a Google search for you.

Title suggestions

Title SuggestionsLink titles should be short and to the point. To encourage this we already strip out part of the original title, but we can’t do this correctly for every website. We are now making it much easier to change titles: while editing you will get some suggestions for titles which you can select with one click.

Order link blocksNext to the expert ranking you get on ZEEF, you can now also order a link block by:

  • expert ranking
  • alphabet
  • popularity

Smaller changes

We made a lot of small changes too, some of which are:

  • Much easier to get a valid subject name or new alias
  • Link Suggestions are more visible to the expert
  • Edit icons are always visible
  • Block actions are now displayed as menu
  • Small design changes and bug fixes

New release: ZEEF 2013.6

We’ve been hard at work for the past few weeks to add a number of great new features to ZEEF. We’re proud to introduce these features in the new version of ZEEF, which we released today! The highlights are more advanced statistics and displaying what’s new.

New linksWondering which blocks and links are new since your last visit? All blocks and links added since your last visit are now marked with a new-badge so you can easily spot them.

ClicksOn your own pages you can also see the amount of clicks on individual links. This gives you more insight in the behaviour of your visits, which allows you to optimize your page.

Statistics continued

Improved StatisticsIn 2013.5 we introduced a very basic way of showing statistics to experts, in this version we have expanded this. You can now see statistics per page, including clicks and conversions. You can choose multiple date ranges to view this data. Also new is that you can find out where your visitors are coming from.

Smaller changes

We made a lot of small changes too, some of which are:

  • Updated look ‘n feel dashboard
  • Added support for other instances of Amazon
  • Fixed missing save/cancel buttons while changing the title of a text block
  • Fixed several issues with our search
  • Lots of other small features and fixes

New release: ZEEF 2013.5

Another new version of ZEEF has been released today. Some of the highlights include statistics for your page and the ability to add a description to a Link Block.


StatisticsAlways wondered how many people visit your page on ZEEF? Some statistics are now given to experts about their pages. These statistics can be found in the dashboard. The statistics are provided by Google Analytics. Enjoy these insights in your performance, in future releases we will make more statistics available!
Please note: because of some changes we made to our tracking statistics are only available starting today.

Block descriptions

Block descriptionA question we received a lot: how can I tell my visitors something about these links? Some experts solved this by adding a Text Block before the Link Block. In this release we made it possible to write a short description for each Link Block. This can be used to display important information about the links in a Link Block, such as how you determined the ranking. You can also add links which point to your sources. Keep it short, but use it to make your page even more useful!


PreviewWhen you edit a page you see a slightly different layout to what your visitors see. We created a preview mode to see the page exactly as a visitor would. This enables you to see how blocks collapse when you add more than 8 links and it also hides the edit features.

Share a Link

Sometimes you want to share a specific link or block, which could previously be done by using the URL behind the -icon. We made this a lot easier to use: when you click the icon you get a small dialog with a ready-to-copy URL. When you use this URL the page is opened with the specific link or block highlighted.

Consistent URLs

Depending on the page, it’s possible to use multiple different URLs to reach it. For example, my photography page can be reached at the following URLs:


It’s quite handy to have these URLs, but this also has some negative effects. It causes duplicate content (in the eyes of Google) and it scatters your Facebook likes and other social shares over multiple URLs. That’s why we changed the behaviour. You can still reach the page at each of these URLs, but the visitor will always end up at the same location. The location will use the default alias and includes the expert’s username. This means that in this case the visitor will end up at



ZEEF officially released!

Last week was an awesome week at ZEEF with 3 highlights: a new version of,  a completely new company website and our Launch Party. With these three events we kicked off our product and made it available to the public.

The latest version of our product was launched last Wednesday. This version contains a fresh new design, loads of bug fixes and some nice improvements. Most interesting are that we now use secure HTTP for everything and all pages now also work correctly on mobile phones and tablets. Smaller things include the possibility to easily like and share pages and better notifications on e.g. link suggestions.

We received a lot of feedback and for the next version we will be working on making ZEEF even easier to use.
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