Golden ZEEF Award

Golden ZEEF Award 2015

We believe we can advance where algorithmic search seems to have reached its limits by using human knowledge to sift through the overload of information. Participate in the Golden ZEEF Award contest to help us create a human page quality score and get rewarded for your help and knowledge!


Through means of this contest we want to pilot our quality score model based on human interaction. After transparently testing and improving the page quality model during the contest, our goal is to accurately define the quality of all ZEEF pages in the future. This way you’ll be able to find best information on the web in a heartbeat. As such, we would like to ask for your help by participating in the Golden ZEEF Award of 2015!

Quality Score

With your input, we would like to create a “human page quality score” based on engagement indicators, but most importantly, humans. With your input and during a fun, interactive contest, we want to determine the best page quality indicators and see if we’re on the right track.

We’re currently looking into the following mix of human engagement indicators for our human page quality score (we’re of course open for other suggestions!). An overview of the metrics we believe define a quality page can be found on our dedicated Page Quality Score page. 2015-03-09 10-46-45


Throughout the contest we’ll be testing our “human page quality score” against an actual human ranking of pages. This way we validate if we’re on the right track so you will always find the best information. At the end of the contest there will be two winners:

  1. Human choice: hand-picked by participating curators
  2. Human page quality score: picked by our new page quality score model

We’ll also give you a sneak preview of our new badges feature by allowing contest participants to collect some of the first exclusive ZEEF page badges! Everybody is allowed to participate and has an equal chance of winning the following rewards:

  1. The exclusive Golden ZEEF Award badge on your winning page!
  2. € 300,- cash, an iPad or a Chromebook
  3. € 500,- worth of SEO consultancy and ZEEF page promotion

There will of course also be rewards for the runner ups!


  1. Create a new subject page. Participate with a new subject page or a page you haven’t published yet. This way everyone has an equal chance to win!
  2. Confirm your participation. Submit the link to your unpublished page to the participants block on the dedicated Golden ZEEF Award 2015 page or reach out to me personally.
  3. Promote your page. On March 31st at 11:59pm GMT we will publish all participating pages at the same time. You’ll have the entire month of April to promote your page and win!

Check out for more information about the contest and the other great prizes you can win. All participants will be rewarded with a Golden ZEEF 2015 participant badge on their page!

The team at ZEEF is looking forward to receiving your applications! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Share your ZEEF page with Reddit

Want to develop the reach of your ZEEF page beyond the usual social media channels? Then Reddit is a great platform to share your curated resources to the world.

Described as ¨The front page of the internet¨, the community orientated site has become an ever growing platform for discovering the best content on the web. Reddit´s Bulletin Board design and ability to vote submissions up or down truly let the sites community decide which content gains the exposure it deserves.

Recently, Richard Kraaijenhagen´s Dev-ops Tools page was submitted to Reddit. Due to the quality of resources on Richard´s page the link was upvoted 100+ times ( and counting), raising the exposure and credibility of his ZEEF page within the Development Subreddit.

reddit devops screen shot

Even though Richard didn´t sumbit his page to Reddit (someone else did who found his resources useful) this is a great example of the exposure your ZEEF page can receive when submitted to the site (page currently has 16.7k views – 9th March 2015)

However don´t think you can just create a Reddit account, submit your page and expect your page to be an overnight success, this is not how Reddit works. Due to Reddit´s algorithm system and karma points you have to engage within the community to prove your credibility for the resources you post. (Check out Mashable´s Reddit beginner´s guide).


(Create a Reddit account // How to go viral with your ZEEF page)



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