Review: The Art of Content Curation

This is a guestreview by Susanne Bender of Bag At You. Pictures of the event can be found in our Facebook album. Want to learn more about how to curate content on ZEEF? Join our workshop on Wednesday. The presentations can be found on SlideShare.

Last Wednesday organized an event named “The art of content curation”. This event was held in the beautiful ballroom of Rockstart located on the Herengracht in Amsterdam. After a small reception where we enjoyed a delicious welcome cocktail, we all took a seat on one of the nine tables, each hosted by a company active in the field of content curation. Before this event I thought that everyone was familiar with the concept of content curation, so I wondered what exactly turns it into an art? Don’t we all gather and filter the older content to create new content? What are the obstacles of content curation and could you call it craftsmanship?

The content curator

EP1T0407The issues are e.g. that content curation cannot be managed, everybody can do it in their own way, so the quality is not guaranteed. There is so much information available on the web, it doubles every 72 hours. Because of this, the people need an expert who guides them to the most useful and quality content. So, once you can be qualified as a skilled guide, does this mean you’re a good curator as well? According to the most passionate talker of the night, Robin Good (left picture), that is not the case. The curator is neither a collector, nor a list-maker, nor a news-maker, nor a thief (slide 228 – 231). The (digital) content curator organizes, verifies, provides context, offers guidance, illustrates, shares opinion, archives, updates, credits, discloses, takes position and invites collaboration (slide 232 – 244). And if you can master the skills as set out above, you are an artist and you may have a very bright, successful and rich future!

The law of content curation

Merel Teunissen VWS AdvocatenBut is that all? Can we just go out there and use all the content we find suitable for our subject of interest and curiosity? No, between the starter and the main course we learned that almost all the content on the internet is protected by copyright law. It is therefore very important to understand how you can legally share someone else’s content. The curators can do that (i) after they received permission of the author, (ii) use a quotation right (serious expression, from a published source, clearly indicate the source, proportional and functional), (iii) use hyperlink and embedded link, (iv) creative commons, and (v) if the content is in the public domain (slide 84 – 105).

After the hot chocolate and some more drinks I cycled home and decided that it was a very applicable title for a very successful event with great speakers, delicious (artistic) food, tasteful drinks and good networking! As a bag-lover, I felt very inspired and excited to continue curating content about bags in an artificial way and in accordance with law. So a huge thanks to and I truly hope to see you all again next year!

ZEEF office warming party

Office Warming Party

Friday 19th of September, the ZEEF community met in our new location for our official office warming party. It was the perfect occasion to talk about ZEEF in general, what´s happening behind the scenes, to meet passionate people and simply spend a nice time all together. We could meet our curators, talk with them and know more about how people use our platform and what improvements they would like to see. It was also a good opportunity for ZEEF´s curators to exchange ideas and discuss about their passion.

After all the hard work moving to our larger office down Amstelboulevard, the night finally gave us the opportunity to show our new office space, talk about ZEEF´s current goals/achievements and most importantly, our future plans. On the night we also announced  that we raised 1.2 million euros from a group of informal investors (Which was officially confirmed the Tuesday before). These Funds will be used for technical improvements, to invest in the product (mobile and location-based search) and for expanding our commercial operations in the U.S. New York to be precise!

The occasion also allowed our community to have a chat face to face. It was great to see our investors, curators, developers, commercial team, friends and family talking about ZEEF in general and spending a great time together.

Thanks to everybody that attended our party! The night was a great success. Go to our Facebook page to see the pictures of the event and remember to tag yourself!

On Friday 31st of October, you are invited again to our next curator event. More information is to come but save the date, it will be another opportunity to come to our office and share ideas all together. You will have the chance to get one of our fashionable ZEEF t-shirts and our best curators will be rewarded with golden ZEEFs! Sounds like the promise of another great night together.

Even before that date, feel free to come back to our office and enjoy free coffee, Wi-Fi and a chat as it is always a pleasure to meet with our network.

Dank aan allen!


ZEEF at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin

Just two months after TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco we exhibited at yet another Disrupt, this time in Berlin! Although the concept is the same we think both conferences are quite different. Disrupt Berlin was very valuable for us, thanks to all people who made this possible!

We arrived Sunday afternoon in Berlin, which was unfortunately too late to visit the Hackathon presentations. I saw some of the winners online and I especially love the idea of TeleApp: a Chrome extension to push App Store links from your desktop to your iPhone. That evening WebRazzi organized drinks. We did meet some great people over here, fun to meet other entrepreneurs who are working on a similar problem, but with a different solution.

ZEEF boothMonday was our first exhibition day (yes, this time we had a booth for two days!). We had quite a good spot, but compared to San Francisco the booths were extremely cramped. Nevertheless we could make ZEEF stand out and talk to lots of interesting people. We had some interesting neighbours with MATH 42 and Yoyo. Another difference with San Francisco was that a lot more investors were actually walking around the alley, in SF it appeared they just stayed behind the scenes.

Klaas being interviewed - Photo by TechCrunchKlaas was interviewed by a small man walking around the conference. Next to being a funny sight it was a good interview. When you can watched it online we will share it!

Just like in San Francisco we were wearing our ‘ZEEF suits’. Some people recognized us from the videos. It was also a good conversation starter: the most frequently asked question was:
Are you from Bavaria?”
The pattern on our suits is the flag of Bavaria. For us it represents a sieve and it’s in the color of ZEEF.

On Tuesday the booths were relocated to make place for the Hardware Alley, we were now at the end of the Alley at a corner! This day we had lots of great talks as well. Because we were exhibiting two days we didn’t see much of the talks, but via the screen we could get an idea. The speakers were less interesting than in San Francisco. The Battlefield was interesting to watch. I liked most, we might be able to use their service to build ZEEF it. The winner of the Disrupt Cup was Lock8, a high tech bike lock.

Overview of Disrupt Berlin

Both days were closed with an after party in nice Berlin clubs. We met some other Dutch startups (we might integrate Surfly‘s product in ZEEF!), we had a good time!

We had some stress on Wednesday to get to the airport, but we safely returned home with lots of ideas and feedback to think about! Thanks TechCrunch Disrupt, see you next time!


Join our expert dinner

Meet ZEEF team members and other ZEEF experts!

Every month we will organize dinners to share ideas with our experts and talk about our passions. We would love to see you at our next dinner!

If you’d like to be part of this, read about our upcoming dinner that’s taking place on November 7th. If you won’t be able to join this time, check out this overview where we will add upcoming dinners every month.

At these dinners we will give tips and tricks about your ZEEF page and would love to get your feedback to improve ZEEF according to what you want and need. Next to this, you can share thoughts and experiences with fellow ZEEF experts and team members.

Eat to Meet is a new startup that brings people together at one table. Payment for the dinner is done individually at the restaurant.

Join us on November 7th!

When? Thursday, November 7th, starts at 19:00

Where? Badhuis, Javaplein 21, 1095 CJ, Amsterdam


ZEEF at The Startup Keg

The Startup KegThe Startup Keg is a new initiative by Pitchrs Events to support the Amsterdam startup scene in becoming a more united community. The idea is pretty simple, Pitchrs Events explains the initiative as “every second Friday the startup keg will move to a new startup office in Amsterdam. This is one free keg of beer and other startups to shoot the breeze with and that’s it!”. Future editions of The Startup Keg will be hosted by ZEEFNouncy, Springest and PressDoc to name a few startups.


nineconnections hosts The Startup Keg, September 13th of 2013

The first edition of The Startup Keg was hosted by nine connections on Friday the 13th at the Keizersgracht in the center of Amsterdam.

Host The Startup Keg ImpressionZEEF team members Rick Boerebach and Diederik van Ginneken visited this first edition. The event started at around 17:30 and after half an hour the office became pretty crowded as more people started arriving. At around 20:00 the keg of beer was empty and everybody was kindly asked to leave the office. We had a great evening and met a lot of interesting startups!

ZEEF hosts The Startup Keg, September 27th of 2013

The next Startup Keg will be hosted by ZEEF on the 27th of September 2013. We are looking forward to drink a beer with all of you at our office! Click here to attend.