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Make lists on your blog and earn money

  • Monetize links
  • Real time lists
  • Customise lists

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Embed lists

Embed lists of links (widgets) on your blog and monetize your content.

Relevant list of links

Everybody loves lists. With ZEEF you can create relevant lists of links and use them in your blogpost or as an alternative for your banner ads. Goodbye ugly banners and hello lists!

‘The ZEEF list widgets are an innovative and useful way to spice up my content and to help my readers to find more targeted and relevant information on the site. The fact that I can even earn money with it, is just an extra bonus!’
Anna Szoke –

Monetize links

Focus on your content and we take care of the rest. When you create a list on ZEEF the links are automatically changed into affiliate links.

30,000 advertisers

Work with over 30,000 active advertisers and receive the highest commission from the advertiser. You do not need to worry about which advertiser is connected with which affiliate network.

Realtime lists

Your lists are never out dated with ZEEF even when your visitors read the blogpost 1 year later. This means that your effort is always rewarded when writing a blogpost about top 10’s. Also the lists is completely customisable to the layout and design of your website.

Getting started

  • 1. Make a list
  • 2. Choose¬†your list and press the embed icon <>
  • 3. Customize the design of your list
  • 4. Copy the embed code and paste it into your blog

Bloggers using ZEEF

Everyday new bloggers are joining ZEEF and are making lists about their favourite topics. On the left you find a list of all our bloggers using our product.

Make list
If you need any help with creating or implementing your lists, please contact us

What people say

ZEEF curated top ten lists are a good alternative of Google Adsense. Also the relevance of the blocks are higher since they are composed by a person.

I have been bookmarking sites about cycling for years. ZEEF has proven to be perfect to share my finds with other cycling enthusiasts

ZEEF enables me to show my readers a 3D experience of a place

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