• Earn commision

    ZEEF uses a commission payout model based on affiliate marketing. If you link to a product on for example and a visitor buys that item, the commission will be shared with the page owner.

    We’re integrating all affiliate networks into our platform. This basically means that most web shops will be connected to our platform. For now we support over 30.000 web shops and more are added every release.

    To help you find out which links are covered by our commission system the   behind your links will appear if our website detects a commission based link.

  • Boost your Google ranking

    ZEEF has build-in support for Google Authorship, so you can claim your page as your content and build towards your online authority.

    A quick how-to can be found on our Getting started page.

  • Reach a new crowd

    Since ZEEF offers content on so many diverse subjects. Visitors may come across your page that normally wouldn’t be reached on your usual blog or community.
    This may in turn drive traffic back to your website and help you spread your content more broadly then natural traffic would have.

  • Easy to setup and use

    ZEEF is build to help new users migrate existing content easily and pain-free, by using our ZEEF-it technology you’ll be able to import a webpage and easily categorize the links on the page. Within minutes your page can be up and running.

    After your page has been approved by one of our moderators it will be published and online for the world to use.

    See our Getting Started guide for more information.

  • Powerful statistics

    ZEEF keeps track of the views, clicks and leads on four separate levels:

    • Account
    • Page — So you can see the overall performance of your pages
    • Block — This let’s you decide what blocks work well on your page and feature them more prominently
    • Link — See how each link compares to the rest and get instant feedback on your new additions
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