Sjoerd: “Finally there’s ZEEF!”

After having coped with various linkpage-concepts for the past 10 years or so, finally there’s ZEEF. All good things are worth waiting for.

To be honest, at first we were a bit sceptic we might be served yet-another-startpage-concept. A very understandable sentiment for the experienced internet-publishers amongst us. In every nook and cranny you can find a startpage with links, and –of course– filled with advertisements to the brim. This, however, was a misconception.

Very intuitive interface

This is a very intuitive interface. Entering links automatically gets you a title, because the META data is being read out of the target page in a flash. You can change the link title by clicking on it and it’s very easy to get all your links look very consistent. This gives your link collection a very clean, easy to read look.

When using ZEEF as a publisher you can just simply drag/drop your boxes all around, drag your links between categories, and so on. There are very little content management systems that allow you to do this in such a easy intuitive way. If it takes you longer than 15 minutes to build up your ZEEF page, you are clearly doing something wrong.

Very clean overview

You really want to use your linkpage yourself, as the page is fast, lean, mean, and no obscene graphic commercials clutter your screen. This is, in our opinion a very big plus. Other concepts that allow you to collect your most used links on a topic typically flood your page with ugly banners, most of the time entirely irrelevant to the content.

Social linksystem

The social linksystem. You get to compete with other people or companies having the same interest. Only the very best pages about a topic get proactively displayed to the public, and this will give you the edge. Other people directly linking to your topic, because they wrote about this topic aswell will give you a linkbuilding force that you could not have achieved on your own. This is a very unique feature, and makes ZEEF stand out from the crowd.

There.. enough compliments about ZEEF so far. The question we are all asking ourselves looking at stuff like this is, can you make money? The answer is short: Yes you can: Because of the social linksystem, and the linkbuilding power that it gives, you can get a lot of traffic a lot faster than normal. It does not matter if you want to generate traffic to other pages you publish, or just want to add some paid links to your ZEEF page: Traffic means money!