New release: ZEEF 2013.5

Another new version of ZEEF has been released today. Some of the highlights include statistics for your page and the ability to add a description to a Link Block.


StatisticsAlways wondered how many people visit your page on ZEEF? Some statistics are now given to experts about their pages. These statistics can be found in the dashboard. The statistics are provided by Google Analytics. Enjoy these insights in your performance, in future releases we will make more statistics available!
Please note: because of some changes we made to our tracking statistics are only available starting today.

Block descriptions

Block descriptionA question we received a lot: how can I tell my visitors something about these links? Some experts solved this by adding a Text Block before the Link Block. In this release we made it possible to write a short description for each Link Block. This can be used to display important information about the links in a Link Block, such as how you determined the ranking. You can also add links which point to your sources. Keep it short, but use it to make your page even more useful!


PreviewWhen you edit a page you see a slightly different layout to what your visitors see. We created a preview mode to see the page exactly as a visitor would. This enables you to see how blocks collapse when you add more than 8 links and it also hides the edit features.

Share a Link

Sometimes you want to share a specific link or block, which could previously be done by using the URL behind the -icon. We made this a lot easier to use: when you click the icon you get a small dialog with a ready-to-copy URL. When you use this URL the page is opened with the specific link or block highlighted.

Consistent URLs

Depending on the page, it’s possible to use multiple different URLs to reach it. For example, my photography page can be reached at the following URLs:


It’s quite handy to have these URLs, but this also has some negative effects. It causes duplicate content (in the eyes of Google) and it scatters your Facebook likes and other social shares over multiple URLs. That’s why we changed the behaviour. You can still reach the page at each of these URLs, but the visitor will always end up at the same location. The location will use the default alias and includes the expert’s username. This means that in this case the visitor will end up at



ZEEF officially released!

Last week was an awesome week at ZEEF with 3 highlights: a new version of,  a completely new company website and our Launch Party. With these three events we kicked off our product and made it available to the public.

The latest version of our product was launched last Wednesday. This version contains a fresh new design, loads of bug fixes and some nice improvements. Most interesting are that we now use secure HTTP for everything and all pages now also work correctly on mobile phones and tablets. Smaller things include the possibility to easily like and share pages and better notifications on e.g. link suggestions.

We received a lot of feedback and for the next version we will be working on making ZEEF even easier to use.
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ZEEF visits the Valley

Robin and Klaas in a wheelchair

ZEEF was invited to the Holland in the Valley Startup Bootcamp which took place from 3 to 6 June in San Francisco. Klaas and Robin flew to SFO to experience Silicon Valley.We arrived at Friday after a long flight. Just before we took off Klaas hurt his back, so with Klaas in a wheelchair we could quickly get through security. We were picked up by our Airbnb host and went for a refreshing bath before getting to work. We contacted several people we wanted to meet, and planned our week. In this blog we will tell about our experiences. Continue Reading →


ZEEF has been founded!


ZEEF founded on 1-1-2013


We believe the world wide web has evolved into a jungle for consumers, making it increasingly difficult and time consuming to find the best and most reliable available products and services online. When searching for products or services out of their daily comfort zone (e.g. eye laser surgery), consumers rely on the algorithm of search engines. Advice or reference from expert editors, bloggers and peers would be highly appreciated in the decision making process. Next to this, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) has become a big game with high investments to obtain a first page position in Search Engin Result Pages (SERP). Today, not the quality of content and service, but SEO optimization techniques make the difference in ranking.

How does ZEEF work?

ZEEF will filter the world’s information with the help and expertise of passionate experts. Each expert is able to set up a page about his or her subject and start collecting and filtering links. This allows consumers to find the most useful information and the best products and services online.

What is ZEEF?

ZEEF is the next generation online link directory.

Our vision

Helping people filter the world’s information.