The site looks even better on mobile

ZEEF on mobileDuring the last couple of weeks we made a major step in optimizing ZEEF for the use on mobile phones and tablets.

By adding link block images, an image cropping tool and displaying broken links we introduced some tools for curators to improve their pages. Learn more about it and our other changes by reading on.

Responsive design

This release we’re making our first step to a mobile optimized website. Using a smart algorithm, blocks are displayed into either 2 columns (tablet) or 1 column (phones), which makes browsing ZEEF on a small device a lot more comfortable.


Broken links UIOn some occasions we report links as broken which for a user appear to be fine. You can now see the broken links on ZEEF and mark them as not broken. Use our link verification to improve the quality of your page.


Other changes

Block image

  • Link block images: Customize your page by adding images as block headers.
  • The home page will be updated more regularly
  • When you upload an image you can crop it to the correct size during editing
  • Social sharing buttons have been moved

Thank Our Curators & Improved Page Editing!

Due to the holidays and the move to our new office, it’s been a while since we released a new ZEEF version. We’ve made quite some improvements that were just released. You’re now able to very easily thank our curators for their efforts and we made large improvements to the user experience of editing a page.

Thank our curators

Thank youWhen a ZEEF page is useful you can now very easily thank the curator. Show your appreciation and thank our curators for their hard work!

Improved page editing

Drag'n'dropFor every release we improve the user experience for editing pages. This time we focused on improving the drag and drop of links. It’s now clear where you can drop links and easy to drop a link to the first or last position. We gave adding a block a facelift as well and made sure that search results in the curate panel are in the same language as your page.

Other changes

  • Suggest more links to a suggested block
  • Copy your details from and to your default profile
  • The Korean language is supported
  • Deep links to blocks are more user friendly

Introducing the new Curate Panel

Our goal is to allow you to curate the internet and help others discover great content. With the new Curate Panel we’ve collected several ways to do this. Learn more about it and our other changes by reading on.

Curate PanelCurate and Discover

In this version we are introducing the Curate Panel, the easy to use slide out menu at the right hand side of the screen. From this panel you can search the internet, import links from another website or import your bookmarks. After that it’s just a case of drag’n’dropping the links to the relevant link block and ranking them in your preferred order.


Page Settings

Settings PageWe’ve also made it easy to adjust all of the settings related to your page in the Page Settings. You can reach these through the -icon on the top-right of the page, next to the preview option.

Other changes

  • Improved sharing using Twitter Cards and OpenGraph
  • is now used for click links
  • No more chat functionality
  • No more slider on the home page

Page pictures and import multiple links improved

Our new release is earlier than you’d expect, because we wanted to give you these awesome features as soon as possible. From now on you can add a picture to your page, and import links far easier. Also be sure to be on the lookout for the sneak preview in this blog! Keep reading for all the improvements in this release!

Page pictures

Page PictureA picture is worth a thousand words. You can now add a picture to you page to illustrate the contents. For an example application check (this is a sneak preview of some upcoming design changes as well!).
Import multiple links

Numerous small improvements have been made for importing multiple links. Links are now checked for validity and filtered to remove duplicates. You can search within the links as well. Soon we will come up with an even better interface for importing and searching for links.

Support for zanox and Affiliate4you

zanox and Affiliate4You

As part of our ongoing efforts to extend our Affiliate Connector, links to advertisers of zanox and Affiliate4you will be automatically monetized. The full Affiliate4you portfolio is included and for zanox a selected (but growing) number is supported.

Other changes

  • Share PageImproved the ease of creating pages
  • Improved interface for sharing your new page
  • When copying or moving a link the title and description are copied as well
  • The showstopping bug in Widget statistics has been resolved
  • Included a fallback in case Google search does not return any results
  • Multiple small improvements and bug fixes

Full control over your links in ZEEF 2014.5

With our latest ZEEF release we bring you full control over your links and insights in your widget statistics. We’ve made it possible to add images to your page without having to deal with Markdown. Keep reading for all improvements in this release!

Copy/Move LinksTo use a block on multiple pages you can mirror the block, but sometimes this is not enough. Using our new copy/move function you now have full control over your links.


Widget statistics

Widget StatisticsWondering how well your widgets are performing? Take a look at your dashboard to get detailed statistics. In a later phase we’ll show you statistics for widgets you embedded from other curators as well.

Image blocks

Image BlockA lot of curators want to add images to their page. With this release we made it much easier to add images to your page. Just create an image block and upload an image.

Share unpublished page

Ever wanted to ask someone to help you with your page before it is published? You can now generate a special link to share your new page. Gather some feedback, receive suggestions and improve your page.

Other changes

Publish Progress

  • While working towards publishing your page the percentage to completion is shown
  • When you suggest a link you can also use Google Search to find the right link
  • Log in is much quicker
  • Embed and share blocks after searching
  • When a feed is updated links still present won’t be marked as new
  • Profile images are used as favicons for ZEEF pages in the curators and subjects overview
  • Reduced the amount of false “broken links” reported
  • Multiple small improvements and bug fixes

Customize widgets and feed blocks

From now on you’ll be able to easily customize widgets and use RSS and Atom feeds to fill your blocks. Read on for all improvements in our latest ZEEF release!

Customize widget

Widgets are a great way to embed blocks from a ZEEF page on your own website. It’s now possible to customize everything about the widget so it blends in with the rest of your site. Adjust colors, add a different title or change the font size, all in an easy to use interface.

Feed blocks

Feed BlockOur link blocks are great for curating links. In a fast moving market you can’t keep up with all the latest news. To help you deal with this we’ve created the Feed Block. To add more current information we created the Feed Block. Use a Feed Block to import any RSS or Atom feed you think adds value to your page. We’ll make sure the block keeps up to date.

Widget page

Did you want to create just a few widgets to embed on your website? Now you don’t have to create a whole page to do that! Just click on the Create a widgets page” button in your pages menu to get started.

Other changes

  • Earnings will be displayed on your page and in the dashboard
  • Monetization for individual merchants
  • Monetized links are marked in import multiple links and search
  • Start searching immediately when you browse to ZEEF
  • Cookieless domain is used for static resources
  • Multiple small improvements and bug fixes

Mirrored blocks and title suggestions

With another new release of ZEEF we bring you a few oft requested features, such as the ability to change link titles faster. Read on for all improvements!

For the readers who understand Dutch: one of our Dutch curators created a video review and tutorial about creating a ZEEF page. Thank you, Bennie!

Mirrored blocks

Mirrored BlockNobody wants to reinvent the wheel. In some occasions it’s better to use a block from another page then recreate it yourself. As curator you can now use the mirror functionality to do this. Mirror a block to save time when curating blocks.

Inline title suggestions

Inline Title SuggestsOne of the most requested features was the ability to change titles faster. We redesigned it and we hope you’ll like our solution! When you add a link you’ll get a few title suggestions. With one click you can change the title. If we don’t have a good suggestion you can still edit the title through the edit link dialog.

Integration with

Bol.comWe’ve added support for the partner program. is ‘the Amazon of the Netherlands’. We are working on several other networks and merchants, for example zanox.

Early Access

We want to give our most active users the ability to preview new features before we actually release them for the general public. Do you want to be part of this? Let us know by dropping us a mail!

Other changes

  • Block Description InlineMore speed improvements
  • Made it easier to enter a block description
  • Comments are now called questions
  • Monetized indication is now visible for suggested links
  • Reduced the amount of broken links spam
  • Widget is now served from a different server

And several smaller bugfixes and improvements.


Are you already following your favorite pages?

Last week we released ZEEF 2014.2 One of the new features was following a page. We liked it so much, that we decided to improve it. Yesterday after office hours, we ordered pizzas and then spent some more time working on it! Just now we released the improvements.

PizzasWhat did we improve?

  • On a page you can see the number of followers
  • In the dashboard you can see the list of who is following you
  • You will be notified when you have a new follower
  • In the notification you’ll find your follower’s pages, maybe you want to return the favor?

We hope you enjoy our new follow feature, if you have any feedback: please let us know! Thanks team!

Tip: follow the home page to receive a weekly digest of all new pages on ZEEF!



ZEEF goes international!

We’ve just released a brand new version of ZEEF. It’s now faster than ever, you can create pages in other languages and many other improvements! Please read on to find out about these new features and how they will enhance your ZEEF experience.

International pages

Some supported regions

Change language

Up to now we officially only supported pages in English. Starting today Dutch is fully supported as well, including a Dutch homepage. You can already change the language of your page to other languages like Spanish and Chinese, when we have enough pages these languages will get an official homepage too.

Speed improvements

PerformanceZEEF was not as fast as we would have liked. For this version we focused on improving the front end performance and we’ve made a huge leap in this area! ZEEF should be loading much faster and editing your page will be much more fluent too. Although we already measured an improvement of 2x to 5x we still have some improvements in mind, which we will do over the next versions.

Suggest linkIt’s now even easier to suggest links to a page. It’s no longer needed to log in first and we made it clearer what you get from suggesting the link.
You can also see all your link suggestions in the dashboard.

Follow a ZEEF page

Follow a pageDo you like a certain ZEEF page and want to know about any changes that are being made on your favorite pages? You can now follow a page and receive a weekly digest email with new blocks and links on the page. Just click the star to start following a page.


FeedbackDo you have any feedback about ZEEF? We would love to hear from you! Just click the feedback icon and let us know what you like and what you would like to change.

Smaller changes

  • You can hide a block from the public
  • The blog URL in the social profile is now a generic URL and will display your favicon
  • Monetized links are directly visible when you add them.
  • You can deactivate your account
  • We will check all links for you to see if they are still working. When they don’t work anymore we will notify you
  • Google+ profile images are working again
  • You can use Buffer for sharing pages
  • Several small UI improvements and bugfixes

Big update: ZEEF 2014.1

We have a lot of changes for you in the new version of ZEEF! Among them are a completely new design, the ability to embed link blocks and much more. Please read on to learn all about this release.

New design

We have received a lot of feedback about our design, some people don’t like it, some people love it. With this release we have changed our design and we hope you will like it!

We completely redesigned our homepage where we now highlight some pages and features. In our new design we let you focus more on the content by removing unnecessary clutter. We believe the design is much more elegant than before!

Embedding blocks as widget

ZEEF Embedded Link BlocksIt’s now possible to embed any block on ZEEF on your own site. Use a block next to your blog to provide your users with relevant links. You can use blocks as advertisements, early tests show a 1,500% improvement over AdSense. Read our Getting Started: Widgets for more information.

Public statistics

Public statisticsAre you also wondering about the visitors on your page? Everyone can now see the basic statistics for every page.

Default order block

Default block orderingFor some blocks it’s not relevant to provide an expert ranking, for example an about block. For these blocks you can now use an alphabetic ordering. You can also let your visitors decide and select the ordering by popularity.

Always find what you need

Even if we don’t have a page to answer your search query, you can still find the results on ZEEF now. When there are no results we will display the top 10 results from Google.

24sessions integration

24sessions integrationAs we’re adding more interaction to ZEEF, we’ve partnered with 24sessions to provide the ability for experts to consult visitors through videochat, either free or paid. Fill in your 24sessions username in your social profile to get started.

Edit your default profile

When you create a new page wouldn’t it be nice if your profile picture and social profiles are already filled in? If you filled in your default profile this will always automatically be there when you create a new page.

Live support

Live supportStuck while creating a page? You can now contact one of us directly by using the chat function.

Condensed mode

Condensed viewOn longer pages it can be hard to manage all your blocks. You can use our new condensed view to get a clear overview and make drag’n’drop of blocks easier.


In the future we will provide affiliate links automatically and share the commission with experts. For now we want to ask you to tell us the payment method you prefer at your profile.

Smaller changes

  • Our emails are now prettier
  • The total number of clicks in a block is displayed
  • Link block suggestions are included in the badge
  • Competing experts are visible while editing your page

  • You can now export your page via your pages overview
  • The method you used to log in is visible on your profile
  • Comments can be edited while not yet approved
  • iTunes commission tracking works in Europe too
  • Lots of small bug fixes and improvements