Optimized page headers and mobile UI

This new version brings tons of visual improvements to ZEEF. We restructured how your page headers look like, improved the mobile experience and smoothed out publishing a page. Scroll down for all the details!

Different versions of the page headerLeaving out parts in the page header was a pain before this version. Some parts were optional, but just stayed empty instead of the interface changing nicely. From this version on you can choose what to display on your page and the page will automatically generate a nice-looking layout. To facilitate this we moved statistics, detailed curator information and other curators to the About section.

We’ve had a lot of requests asking for a way to have a Table of Contents, this is now automatically on everyone’s page. We’re still testing various layouts between pages so the final version might differ. And last but not least we’ve enabled page banners (the big image above your page) platform wide. Looking forward to seeing you experiment with that!

Mobile UI

Mobile UIWe didn’t forget about our mobile users though. Next to starting development on an iOS app, we changed the layout of pages on our mobile website to be more concise. This change should make it a lot easier to navigate to the block you’re looking for.

Other changes

  • When requesting to publish your page in the directory you’re asked to fill in some more metadata to help us categorize and filter
  • Splitting up pages is easier than ever before, directly copy/move links to a new page
  • The links on the homepage are now showing views instead of clicks
  • The algorithm for title suggestions has been improved
  • Dragging links from the ScratchPad is fixed
  • Several additions to the API:
    • /user/me returns imageURL
    • Title suggestions are available for Link and ScratchPadLink
    • Error responses are documented
  • Several other bugs fixed and small improvements

Unity and Simplicity

Today we released the latest version of ZEEF. The profile and dashboard are unified and simplified. We also made a major step toward merging our company website and blog with ZEEF itself, removing some confusion. Read on to learn more.


2015.6-profileAs you hopefully noticed before, in the previous version we introduced our new profile to show off your performance on ZEEF. This version we moved the remaining dashboard to your profile and gave you some extra options while we’re at it. The new profile will be the starting point for your maintenance from now on, a place where you can see your statistics, check out your followers and see everybody’s activity on your timeline. Be sure to check it out!

Chrome Extension

Chrome ExtensionWe gave our Chrome Extension an update adding the possibility to directly move links to your page. Use the extension to easily add links to your ScratchPad and pages.

Other changes

  • Creating a page is even easier
  • Comment on a page via Disqus
  • Settings of a page are simplified
  • New TLDs are now supported, like .tech and .chat
  • Klout score of curators is shown
  • Several additions to the API
  • Lots of bug fixes and small improvements

Easier to start & introducing profiles

With this release we make it easier to start on and use our platform, introducing both the profile and a new way to start a page on ZEEF.
Profile of Ellison Leão


Starting from today, everybody on ZEEF has their own personal profile. In this profile people can find your latest activity and contributions, your favorite curators and more.

With this new feature we now only make a distinction between subject pages and profiles. Anything about yourself can be placed on your profile and for anything about a general topic you can create a page.

Note: if you had a personal page before, this is now converted into a profile page.

Making Lists

Make ListAfter looking at our platform and seeing where new users got stuck we decided to develop our create page process. In our new flow you’ll be guided through the creation process one step at a time. Pick a name, select links and rank them. For existing users we have the possibility to skip the guide by just pressing make list when you’re prompted to select links. Or you can just use the wizard of course.

Other Changes

  • Improved page speed and optimized our JavaScript
  • With a verified Facebook account you can now import your likes to your profile using the Curate Panel
  • You can now show your location to your visitors
  • Several UI improvements and bugfixes
  • Changed our privacy policy to match current cookies.

UX improvements for curators and more

This release we focused on streamlining lots of existing features and we did some big jobs behind the scenes.

2015.4_blocksCurate improvements

Some highlights for our curators are the possibility to always display a description above a list of links and a simplification of the types of blocks. Links can now be copied using the link menu. Also, by popular demand, we’ve made dragging and dropping of blocks much smoother.


Social SharingCurating links is great, but without sharing who’s going to appreciate all that work. So, we’ve made our sharing buttons simpler and added buttons for e.g. HackerNews and Pinterest as well. When you share a page we even added a higher quality image. Next to that we’ve added the ability to connect your social profiles, making it easier for visitors to verify who you are.

Other changes

  • Moved the whole platform to the Google Cloud
  • Creating image and text blocks not possible anymore
  • Dates and times are displayed simpler
  • Less information needed before you can publish

Header images and improved API

We’ve released a new version of ZEEF again! Read on to discover more about header images, the improved Chrome extension, our updated API and other ZEEF improvements.

Header images

You might have seen them: nice header images above pages like We received a lot of requests to add these so we’ve now made it possible for our early access users. Would you like to add a header image to your own page and try other upcoming features? Apply for our early access program!

Updated API for developers

APIQuite some new calls were added to the API: create a new page, manage the scratchpad and filtering on region or page type. We made it possible to easily try out the API using Swagger. And there’s a client library available for Java developers now.

New Chrome extension coming soon

Collecting links with ZEEF has never been easier. When you have our Chrome extension installed you can add links to your Scratchpad with only 2 clicks. When you’re back on your ZEEF page you can drag and drop your links from the Curate Panel into a block of your choice.

Other changes

  • New link actions:
    • Thank a link
    • Contact the curator about a link
    • Flag a link as inappropriate
  • Long pages will load much faster
  • Search on Android works again
  • Daisycon was added as affiliate network
  • Design of Widgets can now be customized on request
  • Image quality has been improved

Fancy emails and awesome improvements

At ZEEF we invest lots of time in making curation as easy as possible for you. In this new version we’ve improved, amongst other things, the automatic link title suggestions and the look and feel of our emails. Read on for more details about this release.

Improved emailRenewed emails

The emails you receive from ZEEF were very to the point and technical, and as a platform built by and for humans, we believed our email communication required a big overhaul. We’ve given these emails a facelift and now they look much fresher, have a clear goal you can act on right away and contain more useful functionality. You’ll also see more clearly who is mailing you and link(block)s are now displayed as you’re used to on ZEEF.

Improved title suggestions and favicons

In this new version we’ve improved the automatic link title suggestions so you’ll have to invest less time to build beautiful, easy to navigate, ZEEF pages from now on. For some websites we even made some custom optimizations, try for example adding an app from the App Store!

Other changes

  • More information about who suggested a link
  • Change ranking from the edit link dialog
  • When logging out you’ll stay at the same page
  • Easier to change the language of your page
  • Lots of bugfixes and interface improvements

What’s next?

Behind the scenes we are working on an awesome new way of keeping up to date with your favorite ZEEF pages! Even though we’re very excited already, you’ll have to wait for the release of our next version to learn more about it.

2015.1: search

Greatly improved search

We’ve released another new version of ZEEF featuring a complete overhaul of our search. We’ve squashed lots of bugs and improved overall speed. Did you know we are now among the fastest 10% of websites on the internet? Read on for a summary of all our improvements.

2015.1: searchWe gave our search a big upgrade with this release and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. The 3 biggest improvements you’ll notice are:

  • Clearly organized search results by page
  • Handy search suggestions
  • Advanced search features for our power users

You can use the dropdown menu for powerful new search options. Advanced users can also use search strings such as to, for example, find all pages linking to Amazon. And when ctrl+f is not enough: you can also search within a page.

We’re currently A/B testing, so it’s possible you won’t immediately see all the new features just yet.

Remember me

2015.1: Remember meWe’ve also added a “remember me” feature. Just check the “remember me” box when logging in with your preferred social network and you’ll never have to log in anymore.

And many other improvements

  • Statistics on your page are visible immediately
  • Load times are much faster, especially when using images and outside of the US
  • Edit and preview are more consistent
  • Lots of bugs have been fixed

Release: Spring clean up

The main theme of our new version is a spring clean up. Behind the scenes we improved our code quality and performance, resulting in faster development and a faster ZEEF! We also improved the drag and drop of links (did you know you can also drag links from the curate panel?) and gave you a more complete view of your page(s) statistics.

PerformanceOther changes

  • Blocks without links are not displayed in search results anymore
  • Improved the suggest link dialog
  • Sorting of statistics works as expected
  • Statistics per block are added
  • Similar looking referer links are now grouped
  • Even when our click server doesn’t work visitors will end up at the target website
  • Option to now add your company LinkedIn page to your social profiles
  • More bugs are fixed

See who suggested and improved readability

We just released another update of ZEEF. This time we are giving recognition to suggesters and optimized our UX. Read on for more details on the new version.


We now display the link suggester to the public. We understood that not all links on subject pages were provided by the curator, that is why we introduced this feature to reflect the collective effort of ZEEF subject pages.

Optimized UX

Design 2014.11In the previous release we gave our interface a major overhaul, this version we tweaked and optimized it even further through a more minimalistic and neater design. This with the improved readability of our new fonts makes this release our cleanest yet.

Other changes

  • Login is more reliable
  • Even less false positives in our link verification
  • New TLDs are supported
  • Pages overview loads much faster
  • API: Block sortings are available


Improved UX

Updated UX and announcing our beta API

Today we have released our latest update in improving the ZEEF user experience for both desktop and mobile. We’re also happy to announcing our first beta version of the ZEEF API. Read on for more details on the new version.

Updated UIUpdated UX

The design of our blocks is more accessible because of the white color of the title. Also, we included the subject page favicons on the homepage to make it look more alive. Last release, we introduced a responsive design. In this release we refined that even more with a mobile menu and a top bar. From that bar you will be able to find the menu and search, wherever you are.



A beta version of our API is available. With the API you’ll be able to retrieve and update your own pages. In later versions it will be updated with more functionality. If you’re interested in the possibilities and want to try it, please contact us.

Other changes

  • It’s possible again to change the title of a page
  • Fixed an issue with wrong favicons being displayed
  • Integration with affiliate networks Daisycon and TradeTracker
  • More intuitive redirects when using incomplete URLs