Interview with Ellison Leão

Ellison Leão is a computer scientist from Brazil who has a great passion for Game Development. Ellison recently branched out the curated content of his Game Development listings from his GitHub page to ZEEF.

His ZEEF Game Development page has become an overnight success and has received great attention from the online Game Development community recently. Robert Thorpe contacted Ellison to ask him a few questions about his recent experience with ZEEF.

What was your initial reaction to ZEEF?

Cool, now i have a really nice place to put my favorite lists!

Your page had a great response! (12.7k views) Why is it so popular?

I think some of the page views came out of the people of ZEEF helping spread the content of their network via related online communities, since the list content is interesting to so many people. Another thing is that the page gets so easily indexed by search engines.

What features do you like about ZEEF in comparison to other curation platforms like GitHub?

User Interface mostly. The suggestion system is very cool.

Do you understand what ZEEF is aiming to achieve?

Trying to filter the world’s information with quality listings.

What improvements would you like to see on ZEEF?

I’d like to see some public API and integration with other services like GitHub (it’s difficult for me to keep the GitHub list updated). An API could resolve that problem.



1000 pages now live on ZEEF!

We´re very proud to announce today that we have reached our 1000th published page! With this milestone, we are now one step closer to reaching our goal of filtering the world´s information. However we could not have reached our goal without our strong community of content curators and would like to use this opportunity to thank you all for your contribution to our network. Your passion and knowledge is a fundamental key for our platform.

Also a happy Birthday to our founder & CEO Klaas Joosten!

Now it´s time to open the champagne!




Find a Room in Amsterdam: Why Google it when you can ZEEF it?

It is understandable why people want to live in Amsterdam; It is a city rich in history, it has a strong  forward thinking culture and has an ever growing environment for students and business. However Amsterdam is a city with a large housing problem. This shortage of rooms alongside year long waiting lists creates a real dilemma for people moving to Amsterdam for their studies and work.  At ZEEF our curator´s have provided a solution to this by the Find A Room in Amsterdam page!

The ideal scenario for finding housing in Amsterdam is nowhere near the reality, due to factors such as …

  • The vast amount of applicants
  • Fake accounts trying to steal money
  • Badly maintained housing sites
  • Flawed search engine results

However at ZEEF, we have allowed curators to make pages listing the best links for finding housing in Amsterdam. ZEEF wants to provide you with a human filtered  approach when ¨searching¨ the internet as we believe its more simpler and beneficial when compared to usual means of web search.So what are the benefits of using ZEEF in comparison to other search engines when finding a room in Amsterdam? ZEEF provides internet users with human curated listings from their search request. This means when searching for a room in Amsterdam on ZEEF, your results are not

  • Flawed
  • Sponsored

Instead the listings have been curated by passionate and knowledgeable subject curators (Who have all been approved by ZEEF´s employees)who filter out all the unwanted listings you encounter when searching the internet. When I search ¨Find a room in Amsterdam¨ on ZEEF , the results show the listings which relate to the topic alongside the page curator. I can also scroll down to find other subject pages related to this subject by other curators too.

screenshot-by-nimbus (27)

All these results are listings of passionate and knowledgeable people on the subject of finding a room in Amsterdam, which means they will be beneficial. It provides a concise collective of all the information you need to know on the subject in a more attractive and calmer manner too. Also being able to view the curators info, descriptions and social media pages let´s the browser know that they can trust these results too, they may even relate to the cause that the curator is trying to help with, this creates trust between the browser and the curator.

screenshot-by-nimbus (21)

 For example if I click on Maud´s social media info there is a link to her LinkedIn account. On that page it states that she is from France and has moved to Amsterdam for work.

I now know that she has been in the same position as many expats who have moved to Amsterdam and therefore I can trust the links she has listed. This is highly beneficial. A collective of listings about finding a room in Amsterdam that has been curated by someone who has experience or knowledge on the subject  is more beneficial to people than mathematically calculated search engine lists. What if there was a small B&B in Amsterdam which is great but does not have the online presence to be ranked high on Google? A ZEEF page could bring exposure to a site like that and help solve the problem of internet information overload. This subject is a great example of the benefits of ZEEF, as human recommendations are as vital as ever as the internet becomes more overloaded with information.

Let´s filter the internet.

Click here to Find a Room in Amsterdam with ZEEF!