Olivier iTW

Interview with top curator Olivier Ozinga

Olivier Ozinga is a 18 year old entrepreneur whose company (ORO Projects) aims to help develop websites from any market. Olivier is also one of our top curators who has curated content for over 20 ZEEF pages including Google, Olympic Games and Volvo Ocean Race. Maud Sztern recently contacted Olivier to ask him few questions about his experience with ZEEF.

How did you find out about

I am friends with one of the founders who told me about ZEEF. I was curious to see what it was all about and now I use it very often to share my personal passions and knowledge.

What was your initial reaction to ZEEF?

I was a bit skeptical at first. Then I learned how the platform worked and I really liked it. However I still believe there are not enough pages on ZEEF, that is why I have asked all my friends to create their own ZEEF pages. The more pages there are, the more people will use ZEEF as a beneficial link directory. More exposure to the site may make them willing to create pages about their passion too. It’s a virtuous circle.

What are the benefits of using for you?

Using ZEEF has a lot of benefits. The coolest part for me is that you can share your knowledge. Everybody loves talking about something they are really knowledgeable on and a platform like ZEEF is the ideal way to express this online. The second thing is that you have access to the knowledge of other people.This allows me to discover valuable information about topics I’m not an expert in. It is a sharing community, a win-win situation where everybody has something to give and to receive.

How was the process of creating a ZEEF page?

Creating a ZEEF page is easy and fun and the steps to follow are clear. Also with the suggested links option and the curate tool you might even learn something new about a subject you are passionate about.

What improvements would you like to see?

It would be interesting to have the possibility to set ZEEF as default search engine in your browser. It will give you the possibility to use ZEEF for some of your researches instead of Google.

Was it clear what all the products of ZEEF were?

I have to admit that I only focus on one of your products. I haven’t explored all you have to offer yet.

Is it clear that you are rewarded for your curation efforts?

It is crystal clear that people get rewarded by affiliate links. But beside that, the enthusiastic response of the ZEEF team is one of the biggest rewards a curator can get (For example, all the pages you create are shared on their social media and they even invite people to their office for a chat and a coffee which is great). I’m glad to see that the company keeps on growing

ZEEF office warming party

Office Warming Party

Friday 19th of September, the ZEEF community met in our new location for our official office warming party. It was the perfect occasion to talk about ZEEF in general, what´s happening behind the scenes, to meet passionate people and simply spend a nice time all together. We could meet our curators, talk with them and know more about how people use our platform and what improvements they would like to see. It was also a good opportunity for ZEEF´s curators to exchange ideas and discuss about their passion.

After all the hard work moving to our larger office down Amstelboulevard, the night finally gave us the opportunity to show our new office space, talk about ZEEF´s current goals/achievements and most importantly, our future plans. On the night we also announced  that we raised 1.2 million euros from a group of informal investors (Which was officially confirmed the Tuesday before). These Funds will be used for technical improvements, to invest in the product (mobile and location-based search) and for expanding our commercial operations in the U.S. New York to be precise!

The occasion also allowed our community to have a chat face to face. It was great to see our investors, curators, developers, commercial team, friends and family talking about ZEEF in general and spending a great time together.

Thanks to everybody that attended our party! The night was a great success. Go to our Facebook page to see the pictures of the event and remember to tag yourself!

On Friday 31st of October, you are invited again to our next curator event. More information is to come but save the date, it will be another opportunity to come to our office and share ideas all together. You will have the chance to get one of our fashionable ZEEF t-shirts and our best curators will be rewarded with golden ZEEFs! Sounds like the promise of another great night together.

Even before that date, feel free to come back to our office and enjoy free coffee, Wi-Fi and a chat as it is always a pleasure to meet with our network.

Dank aan allen!


Interview with the curator Isabelle Dremeau

Isabelle Dremeau is an independent consultant-tutor in e-learning, monitoring and digital culture domains. Her current mission concerns the editorial animation of the Portal SKODEN of the Regional Council of Brittany. It is a website about the using of digital technology in training and this is why she created a subject page about French Web Tools. Maud Sztern contacted Isabelle and asked her to share her experience about ZEEF.

How did you find out about

Simply by surfing the web looking for a bookmarking tool which was not like the others!!!

What was your initial reaction to ZEEF?

I was positively surprised ! I immediately felt connected with the ZEEF tool. I put it aside to test it and I came back to it very quickly : it was the perfect tool for what I wanted to offer for the SKODEN website.

What are the benefits of using for you?

They are a lot more benefits than I expected ! I can easily order and find relevant information thanks to the block ordering. Also, I can use each block as a widget and place it on different websites. Everyday I receive suggested links about e-learning tools. This is the proof that people are really interested in recommending links etc. (which is ZEEF’s main service!).

ZEEF manages to create a dynamic of sharing too. The diffusion to social medias also helps a lot for creating a links visibility. And, last but not least, I can work on my page and keep it updated really easily and quickly, thanks to the fluidity of the interface.

How was the process of creating a ZEEF page?

It fits with what we expect from the new web tools : it’s easy to sign-in, the using is intuitive and results are immediately visible. What I especially like on ZEEF is all the small but necessary practical details : automatic propositions of titles, research of associate links, direct curation. And I also like the uncluttered style of the website!

What improvements would you like to see?

Maybe offer templates of page layouts and the possibility to put a link on a picture.

Was it clear what all the products of ZEEF were?

I have to admit that I only focus on one of your products. I haven’t explored all you have to offer yet.

Is it clear that you are rewarded for your curation efforts?

Yes, but for us it is not the priority.

Do you have any questions?

Only one : when will you release a French version …?

interview Philip Sonneveldt

Interview With ¨Men´s clothing¨ Curator : Phillip Sonneveldt

Philip Sonneveldt is a SEA/SEM Consultant at Traffic Builders B.V. – one of the Dutch leading online marketing agencies. He created on ZEEF a page about ‘Men’s Clothing‘. Maud Sztern contacted Philip and asked him to share his experience about ZEEF.

How did you find out about

One of my best friends is a close friend to Frido van Driem and told me about ZEEF. I was interested to get to know the platform and thought it would be nice to create my own page.

What was your initial reaction to ZEEF?

I immediately thought about Which was very popular in the Netherlands in the early days of the internet. I quickly learned that ZEEF is very different.

What are the benefits of using for you?

Well it’s a combination between my own bookmark-page and the fun to share it with others. A lot of friends always said that I should start my own blog about wearable men’s fashion and I thought ZEEF was the perfect platform to start with. Oh, and soon I’m launching a new ZEEF page about Search Engine Advertising.

How was the process of creating a ZEEF page?

I thought It was very easy to start. I immediately thought about the blocks I wanted to create. Next minute I was starting to fill the blocks with content I liked. Although, sometimes I struggle in which block certain content suits more. I mean, a sneaker webshop also fits the blocks webshops and sneakers.

What improvements would you like to see?

Sometimes you feel the platform is fairly new. For example: I get the same e-mail every week that tells me that some links are broken. I always check, but they just work correctly. Although I don’t mind, maybe some people will. And last week I was checking my overall statistics and the website was loading for quite some while and eventually crashed. I tried it several times, but I didn’t got it working. Once again: I don’t mind but those are little improvements that could satisfy users even more. Overall I think the UI is quite okay.

Was it clear what all the products of ZEEF were?

Yes, very!

Is it clear that you are rewarded for your curation efforts?

Yes, but I find that a bit contradictory. I mean ZEEF is, well… a little bit (or the alternative) against overpowered ads/serp’s that you see on Google/Bing now-a-days (guilty, I’m sorry). And with this basic affiliate/commission structure, curators will place links where they are getting paid for maybe higher in blocks then they would without. This is in fact also the basic with SEO now-a-days: the more you pay an agency, the faster (or more likely) you will rank. Once again: I don’t mind, but maybe links with the highest commissions are getting placed higher in blocks then people would without this payment-system. And I thought ZEEF was about relevance without interfering with commercial purposes!

Do you have any questions?

Not for now, keep up the good work guys (and girls)!

Interview Boost Software

Interview With ¨Boost Software¨ Company Page Curator : Jenna Parsons

Jenna Parsons is the Social Media Coordinator for Boost Software. This company creates user-friendly software. On ZEEF, Jenna Parsons created a company page for Boost Software. Maud Sztern contacted Jenna and asked her to share her experience about ZEEF.

How did you find out about

We actually noticed you at Affiliate Summit in the blue & white suits. That was quite memorable.

What was your initial reaction?

My initial reaction was “What great style!”. Oh, you probably meant your website. My initial reaction of, was how easy it was to maneuver. I remember my first time logging in, which was super easy to do using my LinkedIn Profile. Everything after that was a breeze as well.

What are the benefits of using for you?

As a Social Media Coordinator, the best benefit for me was to have all of the links to our Social Media Pages, on one Page. As well as links to each and every one of our products.

How was the process of creating a ZEEF page?

It was such an easy process. I loved how I could add how many Link Blocks I needed. Now I see there are Feed and Image Blocks as well, that’s fantastic.

What improvements would you like to see?

There are so many benefits to this page, but like any page, I did run into a few small issues. For example, I could not get the Boost Software LinkedIn Page to link with the Page. I tried everything, and everything failed. Other than that, I have always had a great experience with, and everything it can do.

Was it clear what all the products of ZEEF were?

I definitely found that the products descriptions were crystal clear. I was able to utilize even better than I expected.

Is it clear that you are rewarded for your curation efforts?

I did read that it is possible to be rewarded on ZEEF. I personally have not used that feature, but it sure is a great option for affiliates.

Do you have any questions?

Any tips you like to give out, on how to build the best page ever? Are there any secrets to getting the most out of


Fashion blogpost

Finding gems in Fashion

For fashion addicts from all horizons, the internet is a real paradise. You can find great deals, incredible discounts or simply the latest fashion news. But to find these things, you need to know where to look and how to tell the difference between complete propaganda or brainwashing and genuine deals. The question is how to deal with this information overload? That is the biggest problem of the internet nowadays – and not just when it comes to fashion.

Be a fashion adventurer

If you know where to look, you won’t have many problems. But loving fashion means loving improbable discoveries. Being passionate about fashion means walking down the street and discovering the creation of an unknown designer (but not unknown for long, now that you will spread the word). So why, in the age of web 2.0, is it impossible to make the same random discoveries on the internet ?

Let’s be honest – if we search “original dresses” on Google, the chances of actually finding an original dress are really low. However, you will find plenty of online shopping websites (which of course just sell random dresses) that have a SEO specialist who is clever enough to find good long tail keywords. Let’s be honest again – our research almost never goes past the first page of Google. Come on, everybody knows that after the first page there is nothing but the limbo of the internet !

Sharing knowledgeOriginal dresses

I think I speak in the name of most trendsetters by saying that what we look for on the internet is more than simple discounts. We want personal advice. This explains the success of fashion and DIY blogs. Until someone can prove the contrary, Google is a machine. It is not the friend/mother/grumpy boyfriend who agrees to go shopping with you, to give you honest advice or simply to confirm what you already knew – “Darling, you look amazing in that dress”. You can’t ask your favorite search engine to sort the results of your research according to your tastes, preferences and hobbies.

Even if it is getting closer and closer to this …

Fashion is everywhere : let’s filter it !

This is where ZEEF and its passionate curators have a role to play.

What is a curator ? 

Curators are people knowledgeable about a specific subject. Because there is no better way to discover new brands, discounts and blogs than from a page created by a passionate curator. A specialist who is not motivated by money or SEO logic, but more by the pleasure of sharing their knowledge and the things they love. Fashion is a personal subject, almost intimate. Having the choice of several curators – those with common interests or maybe none at all – is what makes a page about fashion so interesting and reliable.

Who are the curators ?

The curator I’ve been speaking of since the beginning – with their special tips, preferences, and own personality – it’s you!

Laure Widget

Advantages of creating your own page

  • Share your vision and knowledge about Fashion
  • Provide and find the best information about Fashion
  • Enter the worldwide community of fashion treasure hunters
  • Share your tips
  • Promote brands, designers, bloggers you love
  • Choose and rank your links as you want
  • Share links with a handy embeddable widget for your blog (as shown to the right)

There are as many visions of fashion as there are different sides of fashion itself. So feel free to create your own vision and share it through your ZEEF fashion page!


Introducing the new

This week, the team at ZEEF was focused on bringing, our company website, a fresh look and feel. Today we have launched our redesigned We are always working on making ZEEF even easier and pleasant to use. That is why we come today with a fresh new design for !

Better looking and better structure

Our company website and blog at was in need of a facelift. It already looked good but we are always looking for more improvements. Arjen, Marina and others worked hard to give it a nice design and, very important, better content. The new site provides better information on our products and our awesome team and curators. Our vision is now well symbolized by this picture of a blue sea. A clear and vast space where everything is possible: make intentional discoveries and find hidden treasures.

Start contributing todayImproved user experience

We assume that by being more user-friendly, will help us get closer to you and help you start curating. Like this blog post, we will be posting regular updates on ZEEF developments. We will share with you things that matter to us, to you and always more interviews of our curators.


Do you have any feedback about the new We would love to hear from you! Just send us a message via our contact page.