How to develop your web presence

With almost 2.5 billion people active on the web it is important to develop your online presence. Luca Barboni shares his experience on how ZEEF has helped him build online visibility and showcase his expertise.

Case Study – Luca Barboni

Growth Hacker ♢ Content & Community Specialist ♢ Data Analyst
My name is Luca Barboni and I am a social media marketer turned growth hacker, consulting startups on how to kickstart exponential growth by embedding virality on the products they are working on. Currently I’m managing marketing activities for the coolest italian startup: Atooma.

I discovered the growth hacking mindset no more than two years ago and since then I’m focusing my efforts on letting everybody know that I have expertise on the topic. I came across ZEEF via Robin Good who is a content curation celebrity in Italy. Since I am always looking for new ways to build my online presence I was interested in using ZEEF.

Benefits ZEEF

I don’t always have time to create content from scratch for writing blog posts is a very time consuming activity. But thanks to my experience I know many valuable resources I’d love to share with my audience and ZEEF is allowing me to cut the process straight to the core by curating lists of actionable links.

1. High ranking Google

Luca Barboni

I was surprised to find out how high my ZEEF pages rank in Google. I did not actively promote my page or share it on other websites because I was waiting to define a funnel to drive visitors. Still I received organic shares and traffic from all kinds of places. If you search for my name in Google you will see the topics I cover on ZEEF. This really helps me with building online visibility and showcasing my expertise to the world.

I have asked the people at ZEEF why the pages rank so high in Google. Their answer was simple: ‘the people on ZEEF just provide good quality information and Google likes us’.

2. Bookmarking

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 13.25.34

Coming across a lot of articles and links worth sharing I have found ZEEF very useful to bookmark them. It started from there and making the page on ZEEF was very easy to do. Especially thanks to the chrome bookmarking extension of ZEEF.

As a digital marketer I make a extensive use of online tools and this makes me the first user of my own ZEEF pages. For example, I am very interested in productivity tricks. During my career I started discovering and using a series of tools to help me maximize my focus: that’s exactly why I created my open-source-productivity page on ZEEF, so now I can have my own toolbox at hand.

3. Educating people

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 09.28.51

In my free time I teach social media and growth hacking to students. I find that my ZEEF page is very useful for students because they can find all the information about the topic in one place. I don’t use slides anymore but simply show my ZEEF page and educate them about the tools, showcasing them one by one. The best thing is that the students can even suggest new links they have found on the internet, contributing to the growth of the page itself.

If you also want to develop your web presence and showcase your expertise, create a ZEEF page. What’s more, by creating a page right now you could also participate in the Golden ZEEF Award contest where you can win awesome prizes.