Lilach Bullock - Social Media Influencer

Interview with Lilach Bullock

Lilach Bullock is listed in Forbes as one of the top 20 women social media power influencers and likewise as one of the top social media power influencers. On the ZEEF platform she created her own company page and I have decided to interview asking about her user experience and opinion about ZEEF.

What was your initial reaction to ZEEF?

I like ZEEF as a content curation tool because it is very easy to use. I like the way I can add the links to my own page. When creating my company profile, I liked a possibility to search for the websites directly by simply typing the keywords into the search box provided in the platform. It is a very cool little feature. I think ZEEF is more than a content curation tool. I like that it offered so many other things to do as well. For example, you can add widgets to your site. Personally I am a huge fan of lists. When I write blogposts about lists and provide recommendations which tools to use, these writings are the most successful ones. So I can see why ZEEF is doing the lists. There are lots of different content curation tools out there but ZEEF is very intuitive and different because of the way it is presented and how easy it was to set up my own page.

Why do you think ZEEF is gaining popularity?

There are few reasons. First of all, content curation is becoming more and more popular. There’s so much information available online and it is time consuming to find it. Not everyone has the time to research and build fresh content lists. There is so much noise online and content curation does simplify the process, filters the data. It does offer a lot of value to the people. By the way, affiliate programme is one of additional values of ZEEF as well. That is something that obviously other content curation tools do not have.

How often do you use ZEEF and why?

In various occasions. At the moment I have only one page but whenever I get notifications, I come over and look for the updates. So I could say that I am using ZEEF platform on a weekly basis.

What improvements would you like to see on ZEEF?

More education for the people who are not familiar with the content curation. Just to open it up. Content curation is getting very popular and the users are the ones that see the value in it. Although it is new and not everyone understands it. I think education is very important so the new users could also find and use the platform.

Do you understand what ZEEF is aiming to achieve?

I like it. It is different. I find it very easy to use. I love lists. I dont think people realize the power of lists. They’re very useful. People compare and want to know what is the best information to use so this is why I think ZEEF has a lot of potential. People like choices and guidance, for instance, which content curation or which twitter tools to use. ZEEF provides answers in one place. Other people have already done the hard work of selecting the data and listed it for you so you can just bookmark the page, click on all the links and choose which Twitter tools to use. I love it. Also the people behind the brand.


Interview with the Candid Writer

Candid Writer is an author and blogger, providing blogging tips to help bloggers through writing. He spent the last 10 years analysing the development aspects of diverse online platforms. ZEEF was honoured to be reviewed by the Candid Writer and decided to interview him asking objective opinion about our website.

How did you get to know about ZEEF?

I learned about ZEEF after I came across news that the Yahoo Directory was shutting down at the end of the year. After reading about ZEEF, I felt compelled to write about it. ZEEF sounded new and interesting. ZEEF sounded promising and genuine about providing people quality content using real people to determine what is quality and what is not. A task that I would have to agree is not so easily handled by any algorithm that we’ve seen to date in any search engine in existence at the time of this response. There’s no doubt that filtering the web’s content is no small undertaking, but I admire the ambition, purpose and focus to achieve something that truly is a lofty task for any team.

D. Senu-OkeAdditionally, there’s no shortage of opinions as to whether directories are worthwhile destinations online anymore. However, ZEEF, in my opinion is a directory that is unique in nature from the layout, to allowing it’s users to curate content that is similar to the content on their own websites as part of their ZEEF page, to the ability to incorporate media and it’s forward views on letting users benefit from the ZEEF affiliate program and allowing users to use their own affiliate links as well.

ZEEF is progressive all the way around and that makes this directory one of a kind to me.

What made you to write such an extensive article about the ZEEF?

After reading an article about ZEEF and taking a look at the ZEEF website, my initial thought was that I wanted other people to discover ZEEF and learn how to use it as well. Writing an informative review would also help me to understand the platform better as I was helping others to understand the inner workings of ZEEF at the same time too.

I have taken a look at a fair share of directories in all the years that I have been online and ZEEF is unique in the way that it is set up giving you the ability to arrange your content in blocks. I think this method of categorization makes navigating each page more user friendly and visual. Traditional directories in their set up are simply text links and that does not foster meaningful user engagement. I think that the flow of ZEEF pages when they are completed and approved for publication provide a better experience for people that are browsing ZEEF pages looking for content of interest to them.

Like Google Plus.. ZEEF allows you to create personal pages and company pages, but goes one step further in allowing you to also create subject pages. Of course being able to create a page that solely focused on my brand was important to me when I started with ZEEF.

In my review of Zeef, I explain the necessary steps that an individual needs to take in order to complete their page(s) to get started with the platform and also mention the timeframe that it took for my own approval. Investing time to write such a review speaks to how I genuinely feel about the ZEEF platform, the contrasts that I make between ZEEF and other directories that have been in existence prior to ZEEF and it’s promising future as well.

Why do you think ZEEF is gaining popularity?

I think I would attribute the popularity of ZEEF to the reality that people are looking for places where they can go online for content that resonates with them. People are looking for content that answers questions for them as well.  ZEEF provides such an outlet to people that visit pages that are associated with the ZEEF website.

ZEEF provides it’s users with the ability to develop any number of content blocks for nearly any topic that you want to discuss or explore. You’re not simply limited to directing your link blocks to other text based web pages. These blocks can also be pointed at RSS feeds, videos and other media. ZEEF, as a directory, allows users flexibility to do more than you can do in traditional directories found online.

I also believe that with the news of the Yahoo directory closing soon, more and more people have taken a closer look at Zeef which has contributed to it’s growth in popularity.

What features do you like about ZEEF in comparison to other curation platforms?

With respect to features on ZEEF that I particularly enjoy, I’ve listed them below:

  • On ZEEF, I have the ability to have control over the content blocks that I create.
  • On ZEEF, I have the ability to rearrange the content blocks so that I can determine what users who visit my page see as they browse my page. I also feel that I’m able to control the flow of the page and the information that I have added to the page too.
  • On ZEEF, I have the ability to add my blogs and feeds to my page and determine how often that information is refreshed on my page so that whomever visits is getting the most current topics that have been published on my website.
  • On ZEEF, I have the ability to add other links that are similar to my content that is also added to my page. This helps to give other users additional visibility through my page and likewise if I am listed in their similar link content blocks too, I receive the same benefit.
  • On ZEEF, I have the ability to view my page analytics and link statistics.
  • On ZEEF, I have the ability to earn money through the ZEEF Shareasale affiliate program and I’m also able to earn through my own affiliate links that I use on my ZEEF page too.

ZEEF has a featureset that I haven’t found elsewhere in a directory, which makes ZEEF a very important place for me to curate content and to host information attributed to my own brand and website.

How often do you use ZEEF and why?

I have used ZEEF as a way of brainstorming new topics that I can use in my blogging and I’m always curious to see if people are looking at the information that is on my page too, so I return to view stats as well. With the quality of information that can be found on ZEEF, it’s an ideal place to return to when I’m attempting to search for information that I could potentially write about in future blog posts or share on my Twitter page or on my Ello page as well.

Do you understand what ZEEF is aiming to achieve?

After reading about Klaas Joosten, ZEEF founder, I agree that there has to be a way to find quality information online and doing it through search engine algorithms has had some success, but certainly has a lot of work left to do to truly be successful through such means. There’s a lot to be said about putting information in front of people and giving them the opportunity to determine what is quality and what is not and ZEEF is taking on that challenge meaningfully. Their work will lead to a better online experience and a more trusted arena for the information that people consume everyday.