We believe it is time we give the internet back to the people. Let search be powered by people instead of only machines. That is why we have built a curated directory where passionate people rank, categorize and organize lists of links about their favourite topics. They have done the searching for you so you find the content that counts!

Humans and Machines

We believe that high quality information is found through passionate people with help of machines. People can sift the right information very effectively because they are able to put the information into perspective and relate it to other content.

Information overload

There are more than 760 million active websites, and that number grows every day. Search engines use algorithms to help you locate the information you’re seeking. But algorithms are limited. They can’t tell you anything about the quality of the content that appears in the search results list. People use ZEEF to solve this problem and filter the best resources from this ever growing information overload.

Online trust

You find information through people you can trust. The way we interact in our daily lives is being transferred online. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have done a great job in creating online identities that can be trusted. When you use ZEEF to find information you are able to see the person who is providing that information.


We believe that humans are more capable of ranking information than machines. What does the ranking of results in a search engine mean? Is the first result the best, the most visited or paid to be on top? As a visitor you are able to rank a list according to the curator’s ranking, popularity or alphabetical.


People provide an overview of information about a topic without tracking you. Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter and many other companies have a business model that is based on user information so they can target you with ads.