We filter the world’s information with human knowledge

People are still dealing with online information overload. Particularly when searching outside their comfort zone. We believe that using human expertise as a filter is the ultimate solution. Crowdsourcing of knowledge and curation is made practically achievable and easy with ZEEF.

Our mission is to help curators create subject pages, share their knowledge and help consumers find the right information. Quickly, easily and effectively.

Can't see the forest for the trees

Can’t see the forest for the trees

Information Overload

While Algorithmic Search has come a long way, the internet still presents people with a serious information overload. The amount of digital data created, reproduced, and consumed is growing exponentially and doubling every two years. Can’t see the forest for the trees? At ZEEF we believe that the answer lies in social, crowd-sourced curation of information by passionate individuals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts are manipulating Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) to obtain or increase free traffic. SEO has become a significant industry and search engines have difficulty filtering this out.

Especially when searching outside their areas of expertise, just like in normal life, people like to rely on expert knowledge.

Online expertise is scattered

Finding expertise online currently requires searching the internet for blogs or review sites, then searching these for relevant information, which altogether takes a considerable amount of time. Once you’ve done this, you often still don’t know how reliable this information is.

Human Filter

ZEEF is an expert-filtered link directory to help people find the most relevant links to support their buying decisions. Learn more about ZEEF and the features.

Curators are rewarded for their efforts through commissions based on performance through the use of affiliate networks and direct advertisements.

Transparency and competition will safeguard the quality of information: our platform allows a multitude of curators per subject. This encourages curators not to sacrifice quality of information for commissions, as people would pick up on this and favour another curator.

Klaas Joosten (Founder)

Klaas Joosten

I’m dyslectic and therefore very focussed on getting dense, good quality information. In 1999, before the rise of Google, a friend pointed me towards a dutch link directory (startpagina.nl), which proved to be perfect for me. Links are concise, a high-density information format, and they were well categorized and organized by knowledgeable people.

Then Google came and made my things so much better. But now, with the possibilities of crowd-sourced curation, I believe it is time for human knowledge to advance where algorithmic search seems to have reached its limitations.

On as well as off the web, you can best judge the quality of information by finding out whether or not the person who published it knows the subject well. It is my mission to facilitate this on the internet.

For 4 years I have lived with my parents in Africa, helping people on a micro level. These formative years have motivated me to help people on a macro level by making the world a slightly better place. That’s why now I am very excited to be building this innovative product and service.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that we want quality pages on ZEEF to try to prevent more clutter on the internet! We want to create a better filter not more clutter on all subjects. In order to accomplish this we have a strict procedure before we will publish a page on ZEEF. When a publish request is being initiated, we look at the structure of the page, amount of links, subject description, categorisation and profile of the curator. Next we start testing the links on the page and see whether they work and if they add value to the subject. Once the page is being published we will start sharing the page with our community. Next, we will look if we can add relevant aliases to the page.  As you can see we have a high standard before we publish a page. There is only one exception, if we believe the curator is providing quality links but has not curated a minimum of 30 links, we prefer to publish the page in order to motivate the curator. More information about how to create a page on ZEEF can be read at the Getting Started Guide and the FAQ.