So far I love ZEEF! The site works nicely, it is very well designed and it has great content

ZEEF is a very powerful way to share information. Everybody wins!


This can become bigger than Google

Arnoud Duiker

ZEEF enables me to show my readers a 3D experience of a place

I have been bookmarking sites about cycling for years. ZEEF has proven to be perfect to share my finds with other cycling enthusiasts

I use ZEEF more often to get inspiration to find stuff. Useful!!

Amazing! This adds a tremendous amount of value. You can finally gain some useful insight from your LinkedIn network again.

I will definitely keep this up, it’s fun to do and there are still a lot of things I can add.

I am a believer for a long time. Future of search is Google + Yahoo = 3

ZEEF is to search what Twitter is to news.