With ZEEF you can find and create lists. You are able to create lists about a topic, company or about yourself. Finally you are able to place these lists on other websites, our widgets. We have designed four products

Topic pages

Create lists about a certain topic and share them all on one ZEEF topic page. Build online authority about the topic you are knowledgeable about:

  • Bookmark your favourite links
  • High ranking in Google
  • Help people find quality information

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Company pages

Create lists about your company and build an intranet to help people find information about your company.

  • Sitemap for your company
  • Gain insight into information
  • Free

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Personal pages

Create lists about yourself and the things you love. With your personal page you have one clear overview about your online presence.

  • Overview of all your social profiles
  • Make lists about your favorite topics
  • Receive suggestions from your friends

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If you are a blogger you will love our widgets. You are able to easily create lists and embed your lists on your websites.

  • Automated affiliate links
  • Realtime lists
  • Customise┬álists

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