ZEEF is a curated and categorized link directory, built to help consumers find the most relevant information to support their buying decisions. The links are ranked by Curators and based on quality metrics. Curators earn a commission based on performance through the use of affiliate networks and direct advertisements.

Why connect your affiliate network?

To make it easy and practical for curators to monetize their efforts, ZEEF uses the affiliate connector that takes control of converting links to affiliate links with the help of affiliate networks. Each converted link is traceable to the curator that has used it on his/her page. This means no program application management, and no invoices from multiple affiliate networks, just one invoice from ZEEF.

ZEEF curators love our product and are steadily redirecting their monetization strategies from multiple affiliate networks and Google AdSense to our easy getting-started platform.

Benefits of connecting?

Connecting to the ZEEF platform brings measurable benefits to the affiliate networks.

Higher conversions

  • More Quality traffic for your Advertisers
  • Curators create and publish exclusively relevant ZEEF widgets
  • Curators develop authorship and are trusted by the users
  • ZEEF widget produces up to 15x CTR vs Google Adsense


  • All links on ZEEF are categorized on three levels (page name, block name and link title)
  • There are 50,000+ links curated on ZEEF, there’s a good chance your merchants are already listed
  • A ZEEF page has multiple curators offering more choice for the consumer

Partnering with ZEEF?

What commercial and technical requirements do you need to take into account.

Commercial requirements

  • Offer single point of contact (account-manager)
  • Start out in at least tier 1 for multi-tier reward program
  • Give higher commission

Technical requirements

  • Advertiser API to browse through advertisers
  • API for deep linking
  • Grant access to all affiliate programs (merchants programs)
  • Provide a manual for your API

Our Partners

We have already connected to some major affiliate networks as well as to some merchants.

Partner with ZEEF and reach out to our curators who will publish affiliate links all over the internet in the most relevant places.

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