The Art of Content Curation

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14 January 2015, 16:00 – Amsterdam, Herengracht 182

On Wednesday, 14 January at 16:00, ZEEF will organize the first annual event,‘The Art of Content Curation’. The event will bring together the leaders in the field to discuss trends, introduce the newest products and share their knowledge. Attendance is free of charge.

Each of the nine tables will be hosted by a company active in the field of content curation. You can register to be seated at the table of your choice. Three presentations will also be given to provide food for thought during the dinner.

Want to learn about content curation from the best in the business? Register right now for this exciting event. It’s FREE to attend. First come first serve!


After registration please take your seat here. All most full!

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Why attend?

With so much information online, it is more important than ever to have a system that sifts through the noise and helps to locate the right information. Content curation helps people find quality content. This event will dive into the Art of Content Curation and present companies who are active in the field. They will share their insights and provide you with resources to join this growing trend.


This event will take place in one of the most beautiful historical ballrooms in Amsterdam. The ballroom is 400 years old and still has its original 17th century decoration intact.

Address: Herengracht 182, Amsterdam Plan route.


Want to learn about content curation from the best in the business? Register right now for this exciting event. It’s FREE to attend. First come first serve!


Reserve seat

After registration please take your seat here. All most full!

Reserve seat


16:00 – 17:15

Welcome and drinks

Opening: Frido van Driem – ZEEF

Introduction: ‘The Definition of Content Curation’ by Charlotte’s Law

17.30 – 18.00

Pitches from table hosts:

18:00 – 18:30: Presentation 1

Wout Laban

Wout Laban

The future of learning: content curation in educational institutions and organisations

18:30 – 19:00: Entree is served during table discussions


19:00 – 19:30: Presentation 2


Merel Teunissen

The legal aspects of content curation: case examples 

19:30 – 20:00: Main course is served during table discussions


20:00 – 20:30: Presentation 3


Robin Good

Robin Good

The Future is for Those Who Know How To Organize Information: The Business of Content Curation

20:30 – 21:00: Dessert is served during table discussions


21:00 – 22:00: Closing and drinks

Table Sponsorship

Want to host a table at this important event? Send an email to Frido van Driem to discuss.

As a host, you will:

  • Promote your sponsorship with your company’s logo on the table and announcement in the event program
  • Elect one representative from your company to host the table and lead the discussion
  • Give a 200 seconde pitch about your company’s latest work in the field of content curation
  • Donate €150 as payment for the sponsorship
  • Provide giveaways and promotional materials for inclusion in the attendee gift bag
  • Enjoy promotion of your company on ZEEF’s event blog/invite


Below you will find an overview of the tables along with their hosts.

All attending guests are able to select a seat at one of the tables. To select your seat  ZEEF is using ‘Networktables.com‘ to facilitate the seating. If you are already registered you are able to select your seat here.


Registered guests (last update 7-1-2015)

Name Company
Amikam Salant Content Curation Hub
Andre Wunstrof Freelancer
Angeliki Chalkia UnAcademic
Anna Szoke The Sparkling Blueberry
Anne Odendahl UvA
Arjen Robijn start.me
Assefa Degafe Freelance Journalist
Barbara Kremer Contentcuratie.nl
Bart Welzen Ensie.nl
Bas Lemmens ROOMLR
Boris Lange Flabber
Brecht Swanenberg Social Shop
Chantal Cammaert Stekmagazine
Charlotte Meindersma Charlotte’s Law
Charlotte van Oostrum Unacademic
Jeroen Riekwel HowardsHome
Daan Goos Whalebone and Green Stone
Denicio Hilman Icelus
Dennis Schouten BrandMake
Donald Roos Bureaudonald
Dorit Roest Bloggersnetwork
Dr Jan Hein Hoogstad UnAcademic
Ed Elkema Content Curator ZEEF
Emma Veerhuis Van Chefs
Eric Kokke Goopleidingen
Erik van Zummeren Unacademic/UvA
Erwin van Dijke Nationale ombudsman
Esther van Veen Travel Writter
Frido van Driem ZEEF
Gerrit Visser Informatiespecialist
Gregor van der Made TravelersMagazine.nl
Hans van Driem Holland Business Promotion
Heleen Hoes Inbound Media
Henry van der Zwan Adviseur DIV / Document- en Recordmanagement
Ieda Georgiades Royal Bank of Scotland
Ilaria Mangiardi Music Blogger
Ismay Dotinga Cinetree
Jaap le Poole Content Marketeer
Jan-Derk Koudijs Somedialoog
Jelle Lijstjes.info
Jelle van Zelm Entrepreneur
Jeroen Lugtigheid Lugtig
Jeroen Wilms Whalebone and Green Stone
Jessica Bekker Ceramics Studio Det Smeets
Joep van Loon Entopic
Johanna Barnbeck Universiteit van Amsterdam
John Jehae Inbound Media
Jonne Joosten You Move B.V.
Juan Buis The Next Web
Klaas Joosten ZEEF
Lisanne Buik Van Chefs
Maartje van Oeveren M Consultancy
Marian Pronk Ietsmooier.nl
Marijn Koolen Universiteit van Amsterdam
Marjolein Hoekstra Cleverclogs.org
Martin Wijnbergen Inbound Media
Matthijs Otto Networking tables
Max Verloop Marqt
Merel Teunissen Versteeg Wigman Sprey Advocaten
Michael Olsen Global Currency Union
Michiel de Wit start.me
Michiel Noij Inbound Media
Milou Turpijn OurGround
Myrthe Stapper Bloggersnetwork
Niels Vonk Entopic
Nigel Hamlin UnAcademic
Paul Aelen Imprenditore
Peter Bogaards Informaat
Pieter Schultz Informatiespecialist
Trudie Stoutjesdijk Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Reika Chavers Unacademic
Rhylie Luanweir UBM
Rick Boerebach ZEEF
Rob Coers Coers Internet Trainingen
Robert-Jan Mast RRMast & Co.
Robin Good MasterNewMedia
Rocco de Groot Intornet
Roel van Bakkum Coding the Humanities
Sanne Smulders Sanne Design
Sigrid Philips Boekmanstichting
Sigrid Philips Boekmanstichting
Sophie Dekker OURGROUND
Sylvia Platjouw Ietsmooier.nl
Thomas Adre de la Porte DutchDesign
Toni Bellanca Two Points Copy
Willem IjsselSchepper Doornvogel
Wim Gramsma Gramsma Consultancy
Wout Laban Gibbon
Yvo Schaap Directlyrics