A beta version of our API is available. We’re working hard on expanding it and adding new functionalities. Some of the things you can do right now is retrieving, adding and changing your pages, blocks and links.

A lot of interesting applications can be thought of, for example hooking up your own application to sync your links between the platforms, adding links directly from your browser ( already available for chrome ) or maybe a cool new way of tagging your links and sorting them that way, the applications are endless. Some of the things we stimulate in new development are mobile and new ways of sorting/organizing the information ZEEF provides to it’s users, and we’d be especially eager to see how other users look at that.

Some of the projects we’ve been thinking of


  • Add a tagging system for links

Use our Automated affiliate links API to make affiliate links from plain links.

  • LinkPizza.com – shorting your links with pizza.to and monetize them at the same time ( api docs being generated )
  • The ranking of links, apply new rankings based on popularty / voting system

WordPress plugin (widget)

  • Use your widgets in WordPress, select, change and start update the widget

Browse – search mobile app

  • A simple app to browse and search for zeef pages on mobile

Manage ZEEF page app

  • An app to help curators manage their page (statistics, add, move and edit links& blocks)

If you’re interested in the possibilities and want to try it or maybe you need a small extra functionality for your application, please contact us.

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