Ambassador Program

The ambassador program rewards and inspires our networks top curators who are helping filter the internet.

As a ZEEF ambassador you will be part of an ever growing organisation who are bringing the internet back to the people. By allowing passionate, knowledgeable and interested people to curate beneficial listing pages about subjects of their choice, you will be part of a team who are truly changing the way people browse for information on the internet.

We want our ambassadors to enlighten the people around them about the content of our platform and our vision of filtering the world´s information with human knowledge. By being an ambassador you will be representing ZEEF and be acting as a liaison between us and our expanding potential network.

Ambassador Rewards


  • ZEEF Business cards
  • Help you get traffic via our SEM experts
  • Free SEO advice
  • Chance to work/visit our Amsterdam office
  • Early access to ZEEF beta
  • Extended promotion of your ZEEF pages
  • Free ZEEF promotional material

Our Ambassadors

¨Being open and sharing is important. ZEEF is a great platform to share my professional sources with others so they can learn from my sources too. Being an ambassador for ZEEF is my way of showing support for a great new concept, and proving my commitment to innovation in general¨ –Jaap Lee Poole.

“Zeef inspires me to follow my passions for a vast amount of subjects that I love, from perfect holiday destinations to the sports that I play. ZEEF enables me to combine tips & tricks into a single collective and allows me to spread my knowledge to the world” Willem Ijssel

Being a global platform, we are always working on extending our global reach. That is why no matter your location, if you are one of our top curators then you are entitled to be on our ambassador program.
If you are one of our top curator´s (30+ clicked links per month on your page) and are interested in our ambassador program then contact robert.thorpe@zeef.com for more information.