Unity and Simplicity

Today we released the latest version of ZEEF. The profile and dashboard are unified and simplified. We also made a major step toward merging our company website and blog with ZEEF itself, removing some confusion. Read on to learn more.


2015.6-profileAs you hopefully noticed before, in the previous version we introduced our new profile to show off your performance on ZEEF. This version we moved the remaining dashboard to your profile and gave you some extra options while we’re at it. The new profile will be the starting point for your maintenance from now on, a place where you can see your statistics, check out your followers and see everybody’s activity on your timeline. Be sure to check it out!

Chrome Extension

Chrome ExtensionWe gave our Chrome Extension an update adding the possibility to directly move links to your page. Use the extension to easily add links to your ScratchPad and pages.

Other changes

  • Creating a page is even easier
  • Comment on a page via Disqus
  • Settings of a page are simplified
  • New TLDs are now supported, like .tech and .chat
  • Klout score of curators is shown
  • Several additions to the API
  • Lots of bug fixes and small improvements

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