Upvote these proposals for new features

ZEEF wouldn’t evolve in the right direction if we didn’t listen to our user’s feedback. We have been collecting many ideas and now is time for you to decide which ones should we take into account. Have a look at our forum and upvote your favorite proposals for new features.

Long lists appear contracted by default on a ZEEF page, showing just the first 8 links. Some of you have requested to be able to show these lists opened. So what about enable the curator to decide which lists appear contracted/ expanded in the page? Upvote

Screenshot block contracted uservoice 

You would be able to select and delete more than one link at once. This little adjust would be especially handy for large pages. Upvote

3. Page Sectioning

Being able to add subcategories in a page in order to better organize the different lists. Upvote

4. Horizontal widget

Customize your widget in a horizontal format. This way it can be easily adapted to any kind of website. Upvote

Horizontal widget

Users and visitors would be able to upvote/ downvote links inside a list. We can open a discussion in this matter. Would you consider their votes to re-arrange your own ranking, or would you rather see them on a separate ranking? Upvote


6. Organize lists using a grid on edit mode

This could be a quick sketch of a very simple way to organize lists while you edit your page. If you have any other suggestion about how a grid can look like, don’t hesitate to comment on this post. Upvote

ejemplo grid

7. Personalized emails/newsletters from the curator to their followers

As a curator, you care about helping other people find filtered information about the topic you like the most. Every week, the ZEEF Team sends an email with your updates to all your followers. Why not sending a personal message instead? You would have the chance to explain the new links you added, why you changed a ranking, or ask for feedback in a more personal way. Upvote


If you have more ideas don’t hesitate to add them to our forum or reach us through our Feedback button in Let’s improve ZEEF together!

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