These pages reached 10k views, why didn’t yours?

I have added one point to the guidelines, and I think this is the most important thing the curators should think about:

Be useful. ZEEF is not only for collecting the links, but also for helping people searching for information. If you decided to create a page – think first: “Why would people use it? What is the added value of the page? What problems will it solve?”

Unfortunately, there is an amount of pages on ZEEF which do not bring any added value to the visitors and to the platform in general. The reasons for this may be:

  • The curators do not really understand the point of creating ZEEF pages.
  • It is hard to find and filter useful information.
  • The curators get excited about it in the beginning, but then lose their energy and interest and abandon their pages.

According to my research, 80% of the curators need less than 1 day to create and publish their pages, and this does not always lead to the high-quality results. Creation of ZEEF page is never a matter of couple of hours – in order to collect all the relevant links, you have to be ready to make a real research on the topic!

On ZEEF there are some pages which have great added value. These are the ones I am proud to promote, being sure that people will thank me for such a great source. These are Web Design Tools, Online Collaboration Tools, Game Development and so on. These pages contain all the relevant information about the subject, and they look like this:


How organized ZEEF page looks like

It does not even matter what kind of clothes there are: let them be cheap and non-fashioned – I would still love to have wardrobe like this.

These pages are clean, organized, accurate, easy to use, and they are worth to be bookmarked. And most important: these page always have great statistics! People love them, share them and use them.

However, unfortunately, 80% of ZEEF pages look like this:


How non-organized ZEEF page looks like

The sad truth is that there may be cool, expensive and high-quality brands in this wardrobe. But it is almost impossible to find. We are lazy to search for the content. Instead, we want the links to be served on a silver platter, and even though the curators of ZEEF pages organize their links, they still make it too complicated.

For example, the page Digital Culture looks like a nice page, it has a great content and the curator spent a lot of time and resources creating it, but:

  • It’s easy to get lost, because there is no clear structure;
  • Some of the pictures are distracting;
  • The links are hard to find and do not make me feel like clicking on them;
  • Plus, it is not very clear what content these links present.

So, what is a good page?

  • It provides tools/sources for solving users’ problems (e.g. online collaboration tools).
  • It provides the best places, best products, best tutorials, best anything people look for. It can never be 60 “best” links! If you make a list of all the shops – do not call it “best shops”. And if you want to make a list of best shops – do not put all the existing links in the list. Choose top 6-10 – this is what your visitors expect from you.
  • It has everything related to the topic, but nothing extra.
  • It has short and readable links – and they should “force” the visitor to click on them.
  • It is structured and not too long (has less than 30 blocks).

How to increase the quality of the pages?

Plain information, texts, reviews and other articles are very easy to find in Google. For ZEEF there is no point competing with giants, so why to look for texts on ZEEF if we have Google for it? Instead, we should collect tools, places, shops, tutorials, books, programs, apps, cources, solutions – something that is used by people day after day, and something people would even agree to pay for.

The aim of ZEEF pages is to help people by collecting the best solutions for their problems (not just information) and by presenting them in a nice way. Thus, before creating the page, first of all, think about the benefits of using your page and it’s informativeness, structure, and names of the blocks and the links. If you already have your page on ZEEF – read the Guidelines and update your page right now!

We do not filter the information anymore, we collect the best tools and solutions to the problems people face!

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  1. David Trounce September 6, 2015 at 8:08 pm #

    Great, practical advice for getting your pages up and running – and for getting people to engage with them. It’s also good to see the growing and helpful community on ZEEF.

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