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Top 14 tips for creating best curated page

We succeeded to find the main factors which make people continue using curated content in the future as a result of research project we have recently started.

These factors are:

  1. Agreement with the ranking of the links in the page.
  2. High level of trust in the curator of the page.

We have also developed Guidelines with 14 tips for creating high-quality pages appreciated by people, thus increasing content quality on ZEEF pages, user recognition and traffic.

We thank everyone who participated in the research and took our survey – you helped us a lot, and we’ve got very inspiring results to share with you.

Agreement with the ranking

The criteria taken into account for establishing the ranking are critical. If two persons base their rankings on different criteria (e.g. price of products in the shop and distance of the shop from the customer), they will receive two completely different lists. Therefore, in order to make two parties agree with each other, it is important to use the same ranking criteria. However, the results of our research showed that ranking criteria do not influence the level of agreement of ZEEF visitors, because the visitors come to ZEEF to find the information. Thus, they do not have enough knowledge to judge which link is the best. But this is not a reason to relax! The visitors have their expectations about ranking criteria, and the curator should always take them into account.

Trust in ZEEF

Because ZEEF is a curated platform, the level of trust in ZEEF mainly depends on the level of trust in a curator of a particular page. Interesting that such aspects as how and why a curator makes up the lists do not influence the perception of the quality by the visitors. In any case, majority of them tend to see what they want to see: a high-quality, recently updated page with ranked lists of links which is made by a professional for the sake of helping people to find the best and most relevant sources of information. This can be explained by trustful and high quality design of the pages created in ZEEF. However, personal information about the curator, profile picture, structure of the page and quality of the content in general are very important for establishing trust level of the visitors.


In total, there were no problems with the visitors’ perception of ZEEF pages, but we would like to show our curators what their expectations are, and how they think ZEEF pages are created. In a new Guidelines page you will see 14 tips on where to find the links, how to maintain the page after it is published, what information to include about yourself, how to rank the links, etc. We recommend to read these guidelines to all our old and new curators, regardless how many pages you have already published.

Read top 14 tips for createng best page

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