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And the Golden ZEEF Award goes to…

This week marked the end of the Golden ZEEF Award contest! In all, 49 pages from 42 people participated in the contest with topics ranging from Web Development to Bellydancing and  Feminism to  Backpacking Australia.

We’re happy to announce the two winners of the Golden ZEEF Award contest! It was a close finish, but the winners for each category are…

Page Quality Score Model (Based on our algorithm ranking)
Education Apps for Kids by Katie Willams!
Participant’s vote (Based on the human judgement of participants in the contest)
Awesome Websites by Daniel Alessi!

The ultimate aim of the Golden ZEEF Award was to test our page quality model which was executed by participants sharing their ZEEF pages with the rest of the world.

The quality of ZEEF pages are ranked on factors such as views, clicks, thanks, shares, follows, suggests. These statistics are then calculated together in our algorithm which can then let our system assign quality rankings to pages. To test the validity of our quality score we asked participants to share and promote their pages to see whether their high quality statistics correlated with the human judgement of the pages in the contest.

The contest really opened our eyes (and hopefully the participants’!) on what truly defines quality and also the best ways to share ZEEF pages.

So why did the page with most views and clicks not win? Our algorithm gives a lot of importance to Shares and Thanks statistics, since they indicate how much visitors value the page content. It is true that the amount of traffic is a relevant factor to take into account, but doesn’t necessarily talk about the page’s quality. As a result, Educational Apps for Kids has a higher position in the Quality Score Ranking.

To all the competing pages, thank you very much for participating in the Golden ZEEF Award. With your participation, we’ve received lots of valuable input and feedback which will help us define our Page Quality Score model. You will all receive a golden ZEEF Award medal on your page and our winners (Daniel & Katie) will receive the exclusive Golden ZEEF Award badge on their winning ZEEF pages plus some awesome prizes.

On behalf of the whole ZEEF team thanks so much for your time and effort in helping us develop a website where you can find quality information through people.profille picture

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