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At ZEEF, we believe that people are the best assessors of quality information. Consequently, they should also be considered as the best judges.

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We have been discussing what makes a quality page and which human engagement indicators we should take into account when considering this. Over the last month, the Golden ZEEF Award has provided us with new insights about how users perceive the quality of ZEEF pages and how our algorithm performs in terms of evaluating different pages. At the moment we are taking two inputs into account to rank the contestants:

But what about the whole ZEEF community?

During the last phase of the Golden ZEEF Award, we are previewing a new feature: the Page Star Rating. We would like to increase the amount of human input to our quality score through a quick and intuitive way to rank the pages where any user can participate.

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Since the contest is going through its last stage, we are not going consider the Page Star Rating results when determining the winner of the Golden ZEEF Award. With extra human input from the Page Star Rating, we’re keen on improving the page quality score model.

Currently, the Page Star Rating is only available for Golden ZEEF Award Pages. Should it become a new feature? We are very excited to test this method and to hear your feedback about it.

Start ranking the Golden ZEEF Award pages!



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