How curators rank their lists – research study

The curators on have an important role of ranking the links in their lists. However, is the perception of ranking of the curator the same as one of the visitor? Help us to answer this question!

Yana Ledeneva, a Master student of the University of Amsterdam, has started a new research project at ZEEF. The aim of this research project is to evaluate which factors the curators take into account when determining the ranking of their links, and whether the visitors of ZEEF pages perceive these rankings in a similar way curators do.

Idea of the research

On every ZEEF page there is an implicit dialogue between the curator and the visitor, which takes place through a clear, well filtered, SEO and spam-free ranking of links to web-sites that have the best content on a particular topic. This dialogue is complemented by a particular level of trust and agreement from the visitor.  If the visitors do not think that the content is fine and sound, they will disagree with the curator, thus reducing their level of trust. Therefore, for the curators on ZEEF, it is extremely important to keep the level of disagreement between themselves and their visitors as low as possible. In order to achieve this, it is essential to evaluate the process of making the ranking of the lists by the curators and compare it with the perception of rankings by ZEEF visitors.

In other words, in our research we address the issue of different perceptions of rankings by the curators and by the visitors to answer the following question:

“Do ZEEF curators take into account the same ranking factors as the visitors think should be taken?”

Description of the research

The research consists of two parts. In the first part we will analyze the main factors and parameters that are taken into account by the curators along with their methods of making rankings. The second part is dedicated to the question of how the visitors perceive the rankings on ZEEF pages and whether they agree with them. At the end of the research we will compare the results of both parties and analyze whether both the curators and the visitors perceive rankings in a similar way. Any discrepancy in the perceptions of both sides may result in a higher level of disagreement and mistrust, so with the help of this research we will be able to reveal existing problems and do everything to fix them.

This week we launch the surveys for our research, so we kindly ask both the curators of ZEEF pages and the visitors to answer the questions of our surveys. We value your time, and promise that it will not take more than 10 minutes. We guarantee that the data will be used only for research purposes and will not be shared with other parties.

Help us make the research as accurate and truthful as possible, so we are able to improve ZEEF and let people provide you with the best quality content!

Curators survey Visitors survey

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