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Solving the flaws of algorithmic search using the wisdom of the crowd

What do ZEEF pages like WordPress, Amsterdam and Growth Hacking have in common? The answer: they all have multiple passionate curators. Let’s have a closer look at the Growth Hacking pages. Which page is the best? Is it David’s, or perhaps Luca’s?

If you want to find quality information, who do you trust?

When we started with ZEEF, we believed that competition between curators on the same subjects would safeguard the overall quality of the platform. Now, with the amount of pages on ZEEF increasing, the question arises: how can we accurately rank competing pages on the same subject and who determines this? At ZEEF we believe in the power of human knowledge. As such, we’re convinced that the level of human engagement with a ZEEF page is what really defines the value of a page.

It is possible to analyze algorithms and trick them. Ever heard of Search Engine Optimization? That’s exactly what it is: beating the algorithm in your advantage. In search engine land, bigger budgets essentially mean more brainpower to trick search algorithms and more money to spend on things like backlinks or direct advertising. As such, search results do not necessarily reflect the best quality results anymore, but the biggest marketing budgets. There are essentially two ways to get yourself on the first page of a search engine: 1) by directly paying for it through an Ad, or 2) by indirectly paying for it, through a large Search Engine Optimization budget. In addition to this there are a lot of other flaws such as incomplete references, untrustworthiness, lack of categorization, etc.

2015 Golden ZEEF Award Contest

Over the last few months, we’ve worked on an initial Page Quality Score model that takes the most important human engagement indicators into account. Behind the scenes we’ve already put the model to the test with existing ZEEF pages, with some pretty impressive results! Before putting the model “in the wild,” we would like to see the model in action with a fresh set of pages.

That’s exactly why we’re organizing the 2015 Golden ZEEF Award contest! During this 30-day contest we want to finetune the initial model with input from our awesome community. In addition to contributing to the future of online content navigation, there are also some great prizes you can win. Everyone is invited to give feedback and input on the model which we will transparently provide in a spreadsheet.

Many pages have already been submitted to the contest, but it’s not too late to participate! The contest starts on March 31st and runs for the entire month of April. Join us in our quest to define the perfect quality score:

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