2015.1: search

Greatly improved search

We’ve released another new version of ZEEF featuring a complete overhaul of our search. We’ve squashed lots of bugs and improved overall speed. Did you know we are now among the fastest 10% of websites on the internet? Read on for a summary of all our improvements.

2015.1: searchWe gave our search a big upgrade with this release and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. The 3 biggest improvements you’ll notice are:

  • Clearly organized search results by page
  • Handy search suggestions
  • Advanced search features for our power users

You can use the dropdown menu for powerful new search options. Advanced users can also use search strings such as to, for example, find all pages linking to Amazon. And when ctrl+f is not enough: you can also search within a page.

We’re currently A/B testing, so it’s possible you won’t immediately see all the new features just yet.

Remember me

2015.1: Remember meWe’ve also added a “remember me” feature. Just check the “remember me” box when logging in with your preferred social network and you’ll never have to log in anymore.

And many other improvements

  • Statistics on your page are visible immediately
  • Load times are much faster, especially when using images and outside of the US
  • Edit and preview are more consistent
  • Lots of bugs have been fixed

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