How to become a SEO expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular subject for companies because it increases their online visibility. As the Internet expands and online competition gets more intense every day, it’s becoming a challenge to obtain a #1 rank in Google.

As a result, the demand for SEO experts and information about how SEO works is rapidly increasing. Unfortunately, SEO is not so simple. There’s no manual to help you learn the art of Search Engine Optimization.

So how do you become an expert in this field? Or even learn just the basics to improve your website’s rankings? Well, you can start with an online search for “SEO” or “search engine optimization,” but chances are you will encounter so much information and so many advertised links about this topic that you won’t know where to start.

That’s why I have made some useful lists of the most important topics within SEO, gained from my years of experience, to give you a kickstart!

SEO for beginners

Where to start? If you want to learn the basics, start with these beginner guides. You will quickly learn more about this complex topic.


Ok, so now you understand the basics about SEO? It’s time to start reading quality: the best blogs by the best SEO experts in the world.


After you’ve  enjoyed these blogs with interesting posts about SEO techniques, Google updates, penalties and more, you are ready to go more into depth with some of the best books about SEO.

SEO tools

Ok, so you know the basics and you are ready to start working on some SEO optimizations? Tools are pretty useful, but there are way too many tools that you don’t need. After testing lots and lots of SEO tools in the past few years, here’s a list of some really useful tools I always use.

The best events

Events about SEO can help you to test your knowledge and learn from the best. Here’s a list with some of the best events.

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t become an SEO expert overnight. It takes time, practice and lots of study. But with each step you take, from blogs to books, from tools to events, you’ll develop your skills and make improvements to your own site’s rankings. In case you want to have face to face advice please visit my company website

One final note: sometimes, you read an older blog and the links and references are no longer relevant.  But the widget blocks in this blog post are powered by ZEEF – so even if you’re reading this blog months (or years) after it was written, these ranked lists will remain up to date as I change them.. You’ll always see the latest updates I’ve made as I continue to explore the world of SEO.

Best of luck!

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  1. David Trounce January 29, 2015 at 11:40 am #

    Good post, Arnoud. I had not heard of bringshare in your SEO Tools listing and I am going to try it out. I also love that the ZEEF lists stay up to date – keeps the post so much more relevant.


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