The Art of Content Curation

Art of Content Curation, Sprout Challenge & Workshop

This week was a fantastic one for ZEEF. On Wednesday, ZEEF hosted their first annual event ‘The Art of Content Curation’, and on Thursday, ZEEF’s pitch landed in the finals of Sprout’s Startup of the Year competition. Next week, we’ll be training a whole new group of curators to keep the momentum going.

Art of Content Curation 2015

We are very proud of the fully booked guest list, the great speakers and the creative dinner at our first annual event. During the evening, we explored content curation from all different sides – the legal aspects, the business value it provides, and how we can use it to enhance learning in our businesses. In addition to the main presentations, companies already using content curation to drive their businesses pitched their concepts. We hope that our event is just the beginning of a much longer discussion.

It may be surprising to hear that there wasn’t a presentation about ZEEF at the event. You may already know that Facebook is hosting a conference on social media, but is not highlighting themselves during it. ZEEF is working towards a similar goal. We want to be a resource and knowledge center for the broader discussion about the importance of content curation, without needing to highlight our own services in the process.

Presentations can be found on the  company page of ZEEF. Pictures of the event are on Facebook. On Monday Susanne Bender will provide a full report about the events including all the pictures. And of course, our guests were tweeting like mad both during and after the event. Check out #ZEEFcom and #AoCC2015 for the tweets. On you can see who were on your table in case you’d like to connect.

We hope to see you all hope you will all join next year at The Art of Content Curation 2016!

Sprout Challenge

To everybody who supported and voted us through to the final stage of Sprout ´Startup of the Year´ competition, we´d like to say a big thanks on behalf of the entire ZEEF team. We’re proud to have made it as far as we did in the contest.

Your votes made us one of the four finalists. The final round of the contest consisted of us pitching to a panel of investors, influentials and Sprout writers on why we believed we should be voted as Startup of the Year. Although we didn’t win, we were voted as runners up in the competition, along with Fastr and Bux Netherlands. Congratulations to Undagrid on winning Sprout´s title of Startup of the Year. To read more about the event, just click here (Article in Dutch).

ZEEF Workshop: creating a quality page

On Wednesday, 21 January, from 17:00 – 19:00, ZEEF will host a workshop about creating and curating a page on ZEEF. Register now!

This workshop will dive into the practice of content curation and demonstrate how you can start curating on ZEEF. Curators of ZEEF will be present and will share their insights to provide you with tips and tricks to help you join the growing trend of content curation. We will be serving beer and pizza! Please join us!


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