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ZEEF reaches ‘Startup of the Year’ finals

Okay… sorry for all the spamming in the last 72 hours but we are very proud to announce that we are a finalist in ‘Sprout Startup of the Year‘.

It was a very close call with the public voting. Until the very last minute everybody was trying to get more votes for ZEEF. It made New Years Eve very different from all the other years (at least for me) because every minute our position changed from No 1 to No 2 and then to No 4 etc. With a glass of champagne in my right hand and my iphone in my left hand, I was checking whether we made it to the first place. I noticed that after midnight the position of ZEEF was still changing and we actually managed to be first in the race 🙂 Below (figure 1) you see a screenshot taken from my phone at 00.03 that ZEEF was number one in the public voting with 20.06%.

Iphone screenshot of ZEEF being no 1

Figure 1 – Screenshot at 00.03 of Sprout Voting results

However, as always the next morning the reality was a bit different… Sprout released the ‘official’ numbers and we managed to become second along with Undagrid with 778 votes. Below (figure 2) you find the exact numbers of all the other startups.

Sprout official results


Figure 2 – Sprout Official Voting Results

But no worries it is still not over.. Because now we are preparing for our final round for ‘Startup of the Year’ which will be held on Wednesday 15th of January in the beautiful and inspiring environment B.Amsterdam. At this location all finalist will give their final pitch to convince the jury of earning the title ‘Startup of the Year’.


We are looking forward to the finals and we wish @Fastr, @UndaGrid and @Bux all the luck in the world. Because you gonna need it 😉


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