See who suggested and improved readability

We just released another update of ZEEF. This time we are giving recognition to suggesters and optimized our UX. Read on for more details on the new version.


We now display the link suggester to the public. We understood that not all links on subject pages were provided by the curator, that is why we introduced this feature to reflect the collective effort of ZEEF subject pages.

Optimized UX

Design 2014.11In the previous release we gave our interface a major overhaul, this version we tweaked and optimized it even further through a more minimalistic and neater design. This with the improved readability of our new fonts makes this release our cleanest yet.

Other changes

  • Login is more reliable
  • Even less false positives in our link verification
  • New TLDs are supported
  • Pages overview loads much faster
  • API: Block sortings are available


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