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Interview with top curator Olivier Ozinga

Olivier Ozinga is a 18 year old entrepreneur whose company (ORO Projects) aims to help develop websites from any market. Olivier is also one of our top curators who has curated content for over 20 ZEEF pages including Google, Olympic Games and Volvo Ocean Race. Maud Sztern recently contacted Olivier to ask him few questions about his experience with ZEEF.

How did you find out about

I am friends with one of the founders who told me about ZEEF. I was curious to see what it was all about and now I use it very often to share my personal passions and knowledge.

What was your initial reaction to ZEEF?

I was a bit skeptical at first. Then I learned how the platform worked and I really liked it. However I still believe there are not enough pages on ZEEF, that is why I have asked all my friends to create their own ZEEF pages. The more pages there are, the more people will use ZEEF as a beneficial link directory. More exposure to the site may make them willing to create pages about their passion too. It’s a virtuous circle.

What are the benefits of using for you?

Using ZEEF has a lot of benefits. The coolest part for me is that you can share your knowledge. Everybody loves talking about something they are really knowledgeable on and a platform like ZEEF is the ideal way to express this online. The second thing is that you have access to the knowledge of other people.This allows me to discover valuable information about topics I’m not an expert in. It is a sharing community, a win-win situation where everybody has something to give and to receive.

How was the process of creating a ZEEF page?

Creating a ZEEF page is easy and fun and the steps to follow are clear. Also with the suggested links option and the curate tool you might even learn something new about a subject you are passionate about.

What improvements would you like to see?

It would be interesting to have the possibility to set ZEEF as default search engine in your browser. It will give you the possibility to use ZEEF for some of your researches instead of Google.

Was it clear what all the products of ZEEF were?

I have to admit that I only focus on one of your products. I haven’t explored all you have to offer yet.

Is it clear that you are rewarded for your curation efforts?

It is crystal clear that people get rewarded by affiliate links. But beside that, the enthusiastic response of the ZEEF team is one of the biggest rewards a curator can get (For example, all the pages you create are shared on their social media and they even invite people to their office for a chat and a coffee which is great). I’m glad to see that the company keeps on growing

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