ZEEF office warming party

Office Warming Party

Friday 19th of September, the ZEEF community met in our new location for our official office warming party. It was the perfect occasion to talk about ZEEF in general, what´s happening behind the scenes, to meet passionate people and simply spend a nice time all together. We could meet our curators, talk with them and know more about how people use our platform and what improvements they would like to see. It was also a good opportunity for ZEEF´s curators to exchange ideas and discuss about their passion.

After all the hard work moving to our larger office down Amstelboulevard, the night finally gave us the opportunity to show our new office space, talk about ZEEF´s current goals/achievements and most importantly, our future plans. On the night we also announced  that we raised 1.2 million euros from a group of informal investors (Which was officially confirmed the Tuesday before). These Funds will be used for technical improvements, to invest in the product (mobile and location-based search) and for expanding our commercial operations in the U.S. New York to be precise!

The occasion also allowed our community to have a chat face to face. It was great to see our investors, curators, developers, commercial team, friends and family talking about ZEEF in general and spending a great time together.

Thanks to everybody that attended our party! The night was a great success. Go to our Facebook page to see the pictures of the event and remember to tag yourself!

On Friday 31st of October, you are invited again to our next curator event. More information is to come but save the date, it will be another opportunity to come to our office and share ideas all together. You will have the chance to get one of our fashionable ZEEF t-shirts and our best curators will be rewarded with golden ZEEFs! Sounds like the promise of another great night together.

Even before that date, feel free to come back to our office and enjoy free coffee, Wi-Fi and a chat as it is always a pleasure to meet with our network.

Dank aan allen!

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