Interview with the curator Isabelle Dremeau

Isabelle Dremeau is an independent consultant-tutor in e-learning, monitoring and digital culture domains. Her current mission concerns the editorial animation of the Portal SKODEN of the Regional Council of Brittany. It is a website about the using of digital technology in training and this is why she created a subject page about French Web Tools. Maud Sztern contacted Isabelle and asked her to share her experience about ZEEF.

How did you find out about

Simply by surfing the web looking for a bookmarking tool which was not like the others!!!

What was your initial reaction to ZEEF?

I was positively surprised ! I immediately felt connected with the ZEEF tool. I put it aside to test it and I came back to it very quickly : it was the perfect tool for what I wanted to offer for the SKODEN website.

What are the benefits of using for you?

They are a lot more benefits than I expected ! I can easily order and find relevant information thanks to the block ordering. Also, I can use each block as a widget and place it on different websites. Everyday I receive suggested links about e-learning tools. This is the proof that people are really interested in recommending links etc. (which is ZEEF’s main service!).

ZEEF manages to create a dynamic of sharing too. The diffusion to social medias also helps a lot for creating a links visibility. And, last but not least, I can work on my page and keep it updated really easily and quickly, thanks to the fluidity of the interface.

How was the process of creating a ZEEF page?

It fits with what we expect from the new web tools : it’s easy to sign-in, the using is intuitive and results are immediately visible. What I especially like on ZEEF is all the small but necessary practical details : automatic propositions of titles, research of associate links, direct curation. And I also like the uncluttered style of the website!

What improvements would you like to see?

Maybe offer templates of page layouts and the possibility to put a link on a picture.

Was it clear what all the products of ZEEF were?

I have to admit that I only focus on one of your products. I haven’t explored all you have to offer yet.

Is it clear that you are rewarded for your curation efforts?

Yes, but for us it is not the priority.

Do you have any questions?

Only one : when will you release a French version …?

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