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Interview With ¨Boost Software¨ Company Page Curator : Jenna Parsons

Jenna Parsons is the Social Media Coordinator for Boost Software. This company creates user-friendly software. On ZEEF, Jenna Parsons created a company page for Boost Software. Maud Sztern contacted Jenna and asked her to share her experience about ZEEF.

How did you find out about

We actually noticed you at Affiliate Summit in the blue & white suits. That was quite memorable.

What was your initial reaction?

My initial reaction was “What great style!”. Oh, you probably meant your website. My initial reaction of, was how easy it was to maneuver. I remember my first time logging in, which was super easy to do using my LinkedIn Profile. Everything after that was a breeze as well.

What are the benefits of using for you?

As a Social Media Coordinator, the best benefit for me was to have all of the links to our Social Media Pages, on one Page. As well as links to each and every one of our products.

How was the process of creating a ZEEF page?

It was such an easy process. I loved how I could add how many Link Blocks I needed. Now I see there are Feed and Image Blocks as well, that’s fantastic.

What improvements would you like to see?

There are so many benefits to this page, but like any page, I did run into a few small issues. For example, I could not get the Boost Software LinkedIn Page to link with the Page. I tried everything, and everything failed. Other than that, I have always had a great experience with, and everything it can do.

Was it clear what all the products of ZEEF were?

I definitely found that the products descriptions were crystal clear. I was able to utilize even better than I expected.

Is it clear that you are rewarded for your curation efforts?

I did read that it is possible to be rewarded on ZEEF. I personally have not used that feature, but it sure is a great option for affiliates.

Do you have any questions?

Any tips you like to give out, on how to build the best page ever? Are there any secrets to getting the most out of



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