Page pictures and import multiple links improved

Our new release is earlier than you’d expect, because we wanted to give you these awesome features as soon as possible. From now on you can add a picture to your page, and import links far easier. Also be sure to be on the lookout for the sneak preview in this blog! Keep reading for all the improvements in this release!

Page pictures

Page PictureA picture is worth a thousand words. You can now add a picture to you page to illustrate the contents. For an example application check (this is a sneak preview of some upcoming design changes as well!).
Import multiple links

Numerous small improvements have been made for importing multiple links. Links are now checked for validity and filtered to remove duplicates. You can search within the links as well. Soon we will come up with an even better interface for importing and searching for links.

Support for zanox and Affiliate4you

zanox and Affiliate4You

As part of our ongoing efforts to extend our Affiliate Connector, links to advertisers of zanox and Affiliate4you will be automatically monetized. The full Affiliate4you portfolio is included and for zanox a selected (but growing) number is supported.

Other changes

  • Share PageImproved the ease of creating pages
  • Improved interface for sharing your new page
  • When copying or moving a link the title and description are copied as well
  • The showstopping bug in Widget statistics has been resolved
  • Included a fallback in case Google search does not return any results
  • Multiple small improvements and bug fixes

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    […] Furthermore in terms of design, there is no difference between frontend and backend. As a user you don’t know when you are working on the back end or when you are working on the front end. I really hope it will become easier to add an image but I know you are working on this. This should be done easier. I still need to do some html to show a picture (note: this feature has been introduced in version 2014.6). […]

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